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New Directions in Digital Poetry

by C.T. Funkhouser, Continuum, 2012

On February 5, 2012, the Bowery Poetry Club hosted a book launch for C.T. Funkhouser’s New Directions in Digital Poetry (Continuum, 2012). Several authors whose works are highlighted in the book — Alan Sondheim, Francisco J. Ricardo (who edits Continuum’s series in and wrote New Directions in Digital Poetry’s Introduction), Angela Ferraiolo, John Cayley, Mary Flanagan, and Stephanie Strickland — made presentations at the event.

Sondheim opened the show with a musical performance, playing cobza with Azure Carter (vocals), Chris Disparra (baritone sax), and Funkhouser (flute). Funkhouser spoke about writing the book, and Ricardo shared his reflections about the volume’s preparation and significance. Angela Ferraiolo screened her video subway (2011). John Cayley read a poem concerning the reign of Google titled “Pentameters Toward the Dissolution of Certain Vectoralist Relations” (2011). Mary Flanagan performed her works [theHouse] (2006) and [xyz] (2009). Strickland (accompanied by Funkhouser) read from her eco-poetic collaboration with Nick Montfort, Sea and Spar Between (2011).

Photographs taken at the event by Funkhouser and Amy Hufnagel are posted on flickr. More information on the book can be found here.

  1. Alan Sondheim & C.T. Funkhouser (with Azure Carter and Chris Disparra) (8:25):MP3
  2. C.T. Funkhouser introduction (5:38):MP3
  3. Francisco Ricardo (14:13):MP3
  4. Angela Ferraiolo (4:14):MP3
  5. John Cayley (11:05):MP3
  6. Mary Flanagan (17:08):MP3
  7. Stephanie Strickland (8:04):MP3

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