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"Language as Gameplay: From the Oulipo to the Jew's Daughter"

a lecture by Brian Kim Stefans at the Kelly Writers House, January 22, 2008

1. "Language as Gameplay" (32:50): mp3

2. Discussing Christian Bok's "Eunoia" (2:55): mp3
(you can read "Eunoia" here)

3. Discussing John Cayley (3:23): mp3
(you can read John Cayley's work here)

4. Discussing Jason Nelson's Literary Textual Games (1:11): mp3
(you can read Jason Nelson's Games here)

5. Discussing "The Jew's Daughter" (3:44): mp3
(you can read "The Jew's Daughter" here)

6. Discussing his own work (10:55): mp3
(you can read Stefans' work here)

7. Q & A (13:52): mp3

complete lecture (1:08:52): mp3

for more information, please visit Stefans' Language as Gameplay blog.

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