Mike Magee's "Ode to the Writers House"

Ode to The Writers House ('s Birth and other Births)

  begins where we've been               Free Landing
                                                small gathering
  in good standing      also good seating
  everyone said it was a special day b/c I spilled special sauce
  on the couch
                thinking Big Macs a block away
                                        out past the Locust Walkers
                        kitchen counter diction
                        dirty talk
                        from the shadow cabinet
                        smoking a nun's habit
                        ideas being ad-Vanced
                        days of the roundtable
                        and the precarious
                        days of the turntable
                        and the random
           vinyl samples played
over ample vocal pamphlets on Hegel
                                        if you were a smurf
                                        which smurf would you be
  and which would be most like Fichte?
  (hint: Kant is "Brainy")
                in between
                                        between eventually
  write a "Talk" *On a Stair*
        here a Moxley crew concert Evansually
                Santa's got a brand New Sentence
                baby needs a new paradox
                not a house in an open field
                but a field in an open house
                not projective verse but
                a versive project
                unaverse to
                versions   -What's your job?
  -I make music.
  -What's *your* job?
  -I make people miss trains so that 20 minutes and $20 later they can eat
  bagels and discuss the *Love Songs* at *The Oyster's Perel*.
  -What's *your* job?
  -I'm supposed to wander in every Tuesday and ask where something is.
  -Good.  I was afraid there'd be no one to do that.
                                        ((knew there'd be
  putting poems to DAT & more
                                than dat
        unbelievably and true
  knew there'd be
                                        to half-do diss
                                        and hald-do *this*
  always and never just a series
 of "random roman mama"
 making sonnets out of parts of sonnets out of parts of "mainly unlike"
   Bernadette Mayer
                                 transatlantic antic
                                 cryptic triptych
                         crossing on the virtual margins
                         sores on the tip of the mother tongue
                         absent chatter hard to a-
   void where prohibited
   speech serves its time
                         "all the way live" she said
   at a beginning...
   said "I think I said" said "ceilings enumerous" & suddenly enormous
   old   lessons
   in scaf-
   to       test
                         classes in pre-party labor
                 if you can't bring the people to the pulpit...
                                                 sharin' responsibility
                                 be east high and risin'
   Burroughing to
   basement play
   casting into
   the audience
         says, "can't write...once upon the end...on a hideous rug"
   I See A Show
                 "crossing the street" she
                 and the cactus from New Mexico" hoping
   not to get F-censored
                                 in the meantime
                                 *well you needn't*
                         out of
                 belted in
                 chastity chats
   talkin' Philly and film in the paint-
                                         chips without keys
                 chance to hear 'Low voice generating
         half-controllable               polysyllables
                 following tones rolling unpredictably
   "called it
                  a" W "sometimes
                                  called it a" letter
   the option of a hoped opening
         which opens options
                                 over an opposed opening of
                                                 closed hopes
                                                         an over-
                                                         a posed
   a re-opening is an opening
                         that was your opening
         this could be your opening
                                         opening at an opening
   is the opening opening