December 2022

Thursday, 12/1

RealArts@Penn Internships: Info Session

12:00 PM (ET) in person at KWH and on YouTube

REGISTER HERE to attend in person

Have you been dreaming of the perfect summer internship? One that might help set you on your career path? RealArts@Penn can help make that dream a reality! RealArts@Penn offers paid summer internships in publishing, TV and film, journalism, public relations, talent management, music, theater, and museums. Premier partner/host organizations have included ViacomCBS, Brooklyn Films, Hillman Grad Productions, Pitchfork Media, Morgan Museum and Library, and Artists First. The project draws upon a vast network of creative alumni who help enable hands-on and face-to-face interactions between students and the people who make arts and culture their business. Join us for an informal conversation with past RealArts@Penn interns to learn more about the project and the application process. Lunch will be served.

Friday, 12/2

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Monday, 12/5

Edible Books Contest

Sponsored by the Blaze Fund

5:30 PM (ET) in person

Register here to enter the contest

Do you like to bake? Are you a master of literary puns? This event is for you! Anyone is welcome to make, bake, or build an (edible) book for our annual Edible Books Contest, held in memory of Blaze Bernstein. You can enter solo or as a team. Prizes will be awarded in several categories. Planning to submit an entry? Register here to enter the contest.

What makes a good edible book? Stellar past entries have included Jane Pear (a pear in a bonnet), Fifty Shades of Earl Grey (50 cups of tea, brewed to different shades), Infinite Pesto, A Raisin in a Bun, Are you There, Pod? It's Me, Margarine, and Crepes of Wrath. We've also seen amazing frosting skills! (Beautiful cakes iced to look like book jackets, gingerbread cookies decorated to look like Kindles, hungry caterpillar cupcakes). Prizes will be awarded these categories:

  • Punniest
  • Most Architectural
  • Best Effort
  • Most Literary
  • Best Use of a Single Ingredient
  • Most Literal
  • Most Dramatic
  • The Readers Digest Award (i.e. the most delicious)
  • The Blaziest (i.e. "the best" by popular vote)

Tuesday, 12/6

Wednesday, 12/7

Advanced Witnessing: A Reading By Syd Zolf's students

Hosted by Syd Zolf and the Students of ENGL3105 and ENGL3501

5:30 PM (ET) in the Arts Café

Watch: here

Please join us for an unforgettable reading by the students in ENGL3105, Advanced Poetry, and ENGL3501, Writing & Witnessing. They will share inventive poetry and creative nonfiction on a range of topics, from climate change, migration, and cosmopolitanism to desire, the gaze, and hyphenated belonging. Featured readers: Abby Kamanu, Elle Kirsch, Brooke Lange, Mir Masud-Elias, Pranav Mishra, Peyton Toups, Dhivya Arasappan, Leandra Archibald, Jojo Buccini, Cathy Li, Sonali Singh, and Alan Zhang. Free and open to the public. Reception to follow.

Thursday, 12/8

Groundbreaking Poets and Traditional Forms: A Class Reading

Hosted by Taije Silverman and the students of ENGL2840

5:30 PM (ET) in person at KWH and on YouTube

Please join us for an inspirational reading by the students in English 2840, Groundbreaking Poets and Traditional Forms. They will read original poems influenced by dazzling poetic predecessors: Gwendolyn Brooks, Natalie Diaz, Agha Shahid Ali, and many more! Free and open to the public. Reception to follow.

Friday, 12/9

Saturday, 12/10

Sunday, 12/11

Monday, 12/12

A Reading by the Students of Xfic

Hosted by Jay Kirk and the students of ENGL3353

5:30 PM (ET) in person at KWH and on YouTube

Xfic is Penn's first and only experimental nonfiction journal. Students spend a semester working on one piece and building a magazine from the ground up. Our reading will feature excerpts from students' pieces, where they use "the raw material of experience and transform it into compelling narrative through innovative and experimental techniques." Free and open to the public. MORE DETAILS

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