December 2023

Friday, 12/1

Saturday, 12/2

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Monday, 12/4

Edible Books Party

5:30 PM in person

rsvp: register here to enter the contest

sponsored by: the Blaze Fund

Do you like to bake? Are you a master of literary puns? This event is for you! Anyone is welcome to make, bake, or build an (edible) book for our annual Edible Books Party, held in memory of Blaze Bernstein. Prizes will be awarded in a number of categories, including Punniest, Best Use of a Single Ingredient, Most Literary, Most Literal, and Blaziest (i.e. the best). You book might look like book or "book" (beautiful cakes decorated to look like book jackets, Kindle gingerbread cookies, hungry caterpillar cupcakes) OR it might be a food pun on a book title (a pear in a bonnet for Jane Pear, 50 cups of Earl Grey for Fifty Shades of Earl Grey, a big pile of pasta for Infinite Pesto). We've had flan jokes and pie jokes. We've had glorious towers. You can make a book solo or as a team! To be considered for a prize, please register. (We’ll use your registration to make a fancy book cover/sign for your entry).

Tuesday, 12/5

Wednesday, 12/6

A Slice of Life: Memoir Writing

A class reading

5:00 PM - 6:30 PM in person

In this workshop, we’ve been excavating the territory of our lives. Unearthing truths. “I find myself being truthful.” “We have diverse lived experiences, but we’re in discussion.” “In our workshop, we consider things together.” “It’s a special time we have.” “It’s safe to speak our truths.” “It’s a space where people aren’t judging.” “We’re creating—viewing our lives in narrative form.” Please join us at 5:00 PM to hear some of our stories. And stay for refreshments and conversation afterwards. This event features the writing of students in Kitsi Watterson’s course.

An Evening with the students of poetry and fiction

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM in person

Please join us for a reading by the students of English 3010, Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction. Gather to hear original work inspired by writers such as Gwendolyn Brooks, Sylvia Plath, Zbigniew Herbert and Salim Barakat. Free and open to the public. Reception to follow. This event features the writing of students in Ahmad Allmallah’s course.

Thursday, 12/7

Friday, 12/8

Saturday, 12/9

Sunday, 12/10

Monday, 12/11

A Night with XFic

A class reading

5:00 PM in person and on YouTube

watch: here

Join the students of English 3353 for a reading from XFic, Penn's first and only experimental nonfiction journal. Students will share innovative and experimental pieces that transform the raw material of experience into compelling narrative. Featured readers: Sophie Abner, Jordan Armstrong, Mya Gordon, Jenny Ham, Sydney Kahn, Panata Kiatanant, Evie Klein, Arina Paniukhina, Fay Shuai, Mia Yang and Tony Zhang. This event features the writing of students in Jay Kirk’s course.

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