WriteOn! - Penn Alexander School

The Future Me

Imagine it is the year 2110 and a famous biographer has decided to choose you as the subject for their next book. What would they write about your life? What are your greatest accomplishments? What is your claim to fame? What's the story you wished they wouldn't print?


In the future 2110 I am a scientist who studies black holes. I have made a time machine, so I go back in time so I can ask my younger self in 2009 to change my career if I don't like my job.

Chocolate Kiss

Eat a Hershey's Kiss. Write about this experience as descriptively as possible. Write at least five sentences, one for each of your five senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.


It looks like a raindrop.

It smells like Heaven

The wrapper sounds like a ringing telephone.

It feels smooth.

Its tastes lusciously sweet and good!

I wanted to...So I...But...

I wanted to _____________ so I _____________. But ____________________

I wanted to dig a hole to China, so I started digging. But it started getting towards the mantle, and it was too hot!

I wanted to climb the Empire State building so I turned myself into King Kong, but it only lasted for five seconds, and then I fell off!

Halloween Story

Write your very own scary story. Be sure to include a motive for your character, a story problem and a resolution.


I am a normal kid. Okay, not totally normal. This is why. Okay, so there is this graveyard that nobody has ever gone in. My friend Harriet said, "I will pay 1,000 dollars to anyone who goes into that graveyard and lives"

I wanted to get that money, so I got my flashlight and headed outside. When I got to the graveyard, it was night. It looked even creepier in the dark. I went in. Something snapped. I turned around. It had sounded like bones. No one was there. I kept walking. I heard another noise, closer this time. I went around a gravestone and everything went black. I could see nothing. I could not speak. I could not move. Then I saw white, like bones. I felt a tug somewhere in my chest. It was a cold hand pulling on my heart. Then I died and something was put in the place where my heart had been. It was round and cold. I was alive, but I felt weird. The next day, I told my mom and she took me to the doctor. In the waiting room, they were showing a horror movie about a graveyard. Weird! Then, the doctor screamed. She ran out of the xray room...because in place of my heart, there was a SKULL!!! Now, I haunt anyone who makes evil dares, especially Harriet. Come into the graveyard sometime and we'll have lunch!

Imagine a Place

Imagine the place that you most want to go in the world (anywhere - no place is impossible) and describe that place as you picture it in your mind. What would be there? Who would be there?


Snowbird stared at the falling leaves and scattered twigs that fell on the ground. Winter would be coming soon, and she would be the spotlight of those cold months. But for now, snowbird enjoyed what she had in the present.


One day I was having such a bad day, till I had to go to bed. I tried to tell my mom how bad of a day I had, but all she said was, "Get some sleep!" So I went to take my shower, but disaster struck! I slipped and hit my head, then I went to a magical place where everything was candy and sweets and roller coasters. So I went on a roller coaster 12 times. The roller coaster went up, down, all around. Upside down and everywhere! Then I went to Candyland and had a candy apple, then sugar grass, then, last but not least, I drank some of the chocolate river. Then I heard something and it said, "Are you all right?" It sounded like..my mom!? It was my mom! Then I woke up and she said, "You hit your head on the bathtub." I said, "I did?" And she said, "Yeah."