KWH staff

Kelly Writers House Staff 1997-1998

The staff is an integral part of the House, coming together with the Planning Committee to generate ideas, as well as ensuring that readings, musical performances, screenings, publicity, and fundraising plans go off without a hitch. We would love to hear any ideas, questions and comments you may have, so drop us a line.

Kerry Sherin-- Resident Coordinator

Kerry Sherin

Chip Blaustein-- Computer Maintenance

Nate Chinen -- Assistant Coordinator

Dave Slarskey, Nate Chinen, Chip Blaustein

Megan Bly -- Calendars and publicity

Kalyani Fernando -- Web Page

Kalyani Fernando, Whitney Namm, Chip Blaustein

Henrietta Jones -- Refreshments

Whitney Namm -- Development

Megan Bly, Kerry Sherin, Henrietta Jones, Kalyani Fernando, Whitney Namm, Christine Sullivan

Dave Slarskey -- Librarian

Christine Sullivan -- XConnect Intern

Luke Szyrmer -- Audio-Visual Assistant

Luke Szyrmer

Kirsten Thorpe -- General Administrative Assistant