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John Shea

University of Pennsylvania Medical Center

Preferred form: fiction

I was born in Rome, graduated from Columbia College, and earned my Ph.D. degree at University of Pennsylvania, where I won awards for playwriting and poetry. For many years after that, I was as an editor and writer at Penn. I may be the only person to have published stories in both “Partisan Review” and “Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine.” My story “The Real World” received an honorable mention from “Writer’s Digest,” was published in “Columbia Magazine,” and was later performed as part of Writing Aloud, a program of InterAct Theatre Company of Philadelphia. My poem “The Anxious Poem” won the poetry competition of “Philadelphia City Paper,” and Intuitons, a Penn student group, produced a one-act play of mine. I won second prize in the “Philadelphia City Paper” fiction competition with a story set in Colonial Philadelphia; it included witchcraft and a cameo by B. Franklin. My stories have also appeared in “The Twilight Zone Magazine,” “The Café Irreal,” and “Literal Latte.” A collection of my innovative “tales from Webster’s” will be published in August by Livingston Press.

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