The hub

The Hub

Kelly Writers House planning committee

What is "the hub"?

From the time of its founding in 1995-1996, the Kelly Writers House has been run more or less collectively by members of its community. Our original team of intrepid founders -- the group of students, faculty, alumni, and staff who wanted to create an independent haven for writers and supporters of contemporary writing in any genre -- took for themselves the name "the hub." "Hub" was the generic term given by Penn's Provost, President, and other planners who hoped that something very innovative would be done at 3805 Locust Walk to prove the viability of the idea that students, working with others, could create an extracurricular learning community around common intellectual and creative passions. To this day, the Writers House Planning Committee refers to itself as "the hub" -- the core of engaged faculty, student, staff, and alumni volunteers from whom the House's creative energy and vitality radiates.

What do hub members do?

Members of the Writers House hub oversee, discuss, and come up with new ideas for, programs and events at the Writers House. We have long discussions about our favorite poets and writers, and exchange creative ideas and practical job and internship opportunities. We review proposals from writers and artists from other communities who would like to use the House, and decide on those proposals. We participate, as volunteers, in Writers House events -- from visiting local schools to greeting alumni on Homecoming weekend to running tours of the House for prospective students. We hold reading and writing workshops in the House's upstairs rooms. We dream up new events and projects together. Each year, we hold several gatherings: a potluck Thanksgiving dinner in November, a celebration of winter in January, and an end-of-year party in May. We nap on the House couches and bake cookies in the House's kitchen.

How can I join the hub?

Hub members meet at the Writers House once a month, over pizza, to talk about House business, trade ideas, and talk about visiting writers. In addition, all hub members communicate through the hub listserv, where we trade information and ideas and opinions about all things literary (and sometimes more than that). If you're interested in joining the hub, drop us an email at, or simply come to one of our monthly meetings and introduce yourself. We'd love to have you!

Writers House Proposal Hublet

The Proposals Hublet is a smaller group of hub members who meet once a month to specifically discuss and decide on proposals to use the House for programs and events. All proposals are posted on this page for all hub members to review and send comments to the Proposals Hublet listserv. Click here to review proposals! If you're a hub member, and you're interested in joining the Proposals Hublet, email Writers House Program Coordinator Alli Katz at

Special hub events