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E-Poetry [ 2011 ] :
International Digital Language | Media | Arts Festival


May 18-21, 2011
University at Buffalo

E-Poetry [ 2011 ] : LOCAL LOGISTICS

The festival will be held at the University at Buffalo, "UB" or "SUNY Buffalo", Amherst campus. Most events will be held in Room 112, Center for the Arts (CFA). This is a well-known building on the Amherst campus. The Festival Program, available on the E-Poetry 2011 web site, lists other locations for festival events, but the CFA is the center of it all. The CFA is located via the Coventry entrance from Millersport Highway off I-290 in Amherst, NY, just north of Buffalo. UB is only about 15 minutes from the Buffalo airport (BUF). Some hotels provide shuttle service. There is a page on the festival site that lists the conference hotel. This is located within walking distance to the festival. Some hotels will also shuttle you to the CFA. Other events will occur in other rooms in the CFA, at the Poetry Collection (Weds. afternoon), or in the city of Buffalo (Friday evening and Tuesday evening). We will assist with transportation, as much as possible, to Friday events. There is a conference registration fee to cover food/festival costs while you are here. Details about the program and festival registration are available on the E-Poetry 2011 website. The Center for the Arts building (CFA) is number "2" on the map: http://www.buffalo.edu/buildings/maps/Spine.pdf. Directions to UB: http://www.buffalo.edu/community/visitor_directions.html. For any other information, please don't hesitate to contact us (via glazier < * > buffalo.edu). We look forward to seeing you in Buffalo for this extraordinary event!


[Conference Hotel] : The conference hotel for E-Poetry 2011 is the Red Roof Inn, 42 Flint Road, Amherst, NY (716) 689-7474, across the street from the University. It offers attendees a discounted rate (two full beds) of $58 for one adult or $62 for two adults. The Block Room code is B104EPOETR. Use this when calling to reserve rooms, which must be reserved by April 18th. PLEASE NOTE: You must TELEPHONE to reserve a room at this date. It is an incredibly low rate and is certainly worth the effort.

[Other Hotels] : For Other Hotels : Search zip code "14221" for the Amherst Campus or "Buffalo" for downtown accommodation. A hotel near the intersection of Maple and Flint Roads in Amherst is closest to the University's north campus, the center of E-Poetry 2011 events. (Downtown Buffalo is about 10 miles from the Amherst campus. This is an easy drive, especially in May. Public transportation, however, may not be easily available to campus.)

Travel to Buffalo

[U.S.]: For U.S. visitors: Most U.S. airlines fly to Buffalo, with service also provided by some discount carriers (Southwest, Jet Blue, etc.).

[Canada]: For Canadian visitors, a domestic flight to Toronto may be your most cost- effective option. (Toronto is 2 hours by land from Toronto.) For international travelers, note that flying to Toronto adds an additional international border crossing to your itinerary, and it is not necessarily less expensive than flying directly to the U.S.

[Europe]: For those coming from Europe: (1) If you are coming only to Buffalo: Best fares may be obtained by flying from directly to Buffalo from a European hub city (London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Amsterdam, etc.) on a Buffalo-service U.S. airline operating from those hubs (American, U.S. Air, Continental, Delta, etc.). (2) If you wish to also visit another U.S. hub city (i.e., New York, Washington, Boston, etc.). Best fare would be obtained by flying to the hub city then using a Buffalo-based U.S. discount airline (Jet Blue, Southwest, etc.) to purchase a separate round trip to Buffalo. (Carriers such as U.S. Air, Continental, Delta, etc. will also sometimes match discount fares.)

[Worldwide]: For those coming from Latin America, Asia, Africa, and other locations: Please inquire.

Local Logistics

Restaurants. Local restaurants by type of cuisine. Please phone first!

For questions related your local travel in Buffalo, please inquire.


Please don't hesitate to contact us for any questions you may have! Please use the subject line "E-Poetry 2011 Travel Question" so that your request can be routed most expeditiously. We look forward to hearing from you.

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