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Felix Bernstein


Improv with Pianist Kirk Nurock (2010)

  • complete reading (28:44): MP3

Tender Cousins with Gabe Rubin (2014)

  1. Sunday Morning (Velvet Underground) (4:34): MP3
  2. Dreaming (Blondie) (1:25): MP3
  3. Degrassi Theme Song (3:54): MP3
  4. Cino (Ezra Pound) (4:39): MP3
  5. Horowitz (Rubin/Bernstein) (4:16): MP3
  6. Xanadu (Coleridge) (3:11): MP3
  7. Her Kind (Anne Sexton) (4:49): MP3
  8. Ladies who Lunch (Sondheim)(3:34): MP3
  9. I Are Sun (Rubin) (2:33): MP3
  10. Recovery (Bernstein) (2:42): MP3

"Last Man," Bryant Park (NY) Reading Series, April 19, 2016

(8:03): MP3


“The Trans-migration of the Body of Schreber into a Woman”

May 20, 2017 at "Schreber Live!," curated by Evan Malater, Jefferson Market Library, NY.
With Felix Bernstein, Patricia Gherovici, Gabe Rubin, and Jamieson Webster
full text
PennSound MP4

Ladies Who Lunch, Don Pedros (August 14, 2014)

Memory, La Mama(December 8, 2014)

Felix and Gabe sing Jellicile Cats for Four Hours (2014)

Boy Crazy with Kirk Nurock (2013)

Tender Cousins at Cage 83 (with Gabe Rubin) 2014


Cornelia Barber and Felix Bernstein reading from Burn Book
(Nightboat, 2016) at Calicoon Fine Arts: February 17, 2016:

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