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Happy 70th Birthday to bpNichol!

Posted 9/30/2014

September 30th would have been the seventieth birthday of the legendary bpNichol, as noted by the equally-legendary Coach House Books, who invited a wide array of "authors, friends of bp, and poets influenced by his work to ask about their favourites of all things bp." You can read the gathered responses — from Paul Dutton, Christian Bök, Gary Barwin, among others — along with video footage of Nichol and the Four Horsemen and links to a number of online works on a special tribute page.

This is also a great occasion to draw our listeners' attention to PennSound's bpNichol author page, which is home to an impressive collection of recordings, curated by Lori Emerson, which come from a wide variety of rare releases (on flexi-disc, 45, LP, cassette, and even a floppy-disc "computer poem"), along with performance recordings, links, and other resources. Listeners might also be interested in the aforementioned page for the Four Horsemen, as well as the 1979 Six Fillious at the Ear Inn (which features Dutton reading Nichol's contributions to the book).

Allen Ginsberg on 'Stonewall Nation,' 1978

Posted 9/29/2014

Here's another treasure from the audio archives of Robert Creeley: Allen Ginsberg's October 6, 1978 appearance on Stonewall Nation, hosted by Alex Van Oss, on Buffalo's WBFO-FM. Joined by Peter Orlovsky and Al Hershberger, Ginsberg, no stranger to speaking candidly about his queerness (or any other topic), holds forth on a variety of topics, from his closeted youth and coming out to his family, along with the Beat Generation's relationship to nature, and contemporaneous political topics like California's Briggs Amendment — which he initially approaches from a literary perspective, highlighting classic authors (from Whitman to Wilde, Genet to Plato) who California teachers would be banned from assigning — as well as the Rocky Flats Nuclear Plant.

The show begins with a performance of "Gospel Noble Truths" (in a different arrangement than what would become Ginsberg's standard, and with some slight lyrical variations), and also includes excerpts from the recently-written "'Don't Grow Old,'" (cf. my August 6th PennSound Daily about the poet's reading of the poem in Buffalo the day after its composition) concerning Ginsberg's coming out to his father, and ends with a performance of "Everybody Sing" (which famously asserts that "everybody's just a little bit homosexual, whether they like it or not"). To listen, click the title above to visit our Allen Ginsberg author page.

Joanne Kyger: Two Recent Additions

Posted 9/24/2014

We recently added two new recordings to our Joanne Kyger author page — one's very recent, the other a vintage set.

First, from this past May, we have Kyger's appearance at Cascadia Poetry Festival as part of "Cascadian Poetics Panel: Innovations from Here," alongside Jeanne Heuving, Stephen Collis, and George Stanley. We've provided the complete seventy minute discussion, as well as several clips of Kyger discussing San Francisco, sharing correspondence, reading Jack Spicer's "Psychoanalysis: An Elegy," and discussing identity.

Then, going all the way back to June 29, 1971, we have a half-hour recording of Kyger reading at San Francisco's Intersection for the Arts, for an audience of friends and poetic compatriots. It's one of the earliest recordings on Kyger's PennSound author page, and a welcome addition to the site.

Finally, if this hasn't satisfied your need for all things Kyger, don't forget the recently-released PoemTalk #79 — featuring a panel of Julia Bloch, Pattie McCarthy, Stephen Ratcliffe, and Al Filreis — which discusses Kyger's "It's Been a Long Time: Notes from the Revolution."

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