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A Bounty of New Ashbery Recordings

Posted 7/1/2016

The start of a new month brings a plethora of newly-added recordings from living legend John Ashbery.

Starting with the most recent we'll work in reverse-chronological order: from April 1, 2015, we have Ashbery being interviewed for the Poetry podcast and reading "The Mauve Notebook" in both raw and finished formats. Similar recordings (both raw and finished) exist for Ashbery's February 19, 2014 appearance on The New Yorker's poetry podcast, where he's interviewed by Paul Muldoon and reads his own "Gravy for Prisoners" along with Charles Simic's "The Lunatic." Then, from March 27, 2012, there's a lengthy interview with Arlo Quint and Will Edmiston as part of the Poetry Project's oral history initiative.

We jump back quite a bit for our next recording — a September 12, 1990 reading and colloquium for the Modern Languages Auditorium at the University of Arizona (which includes "Hotel Lautreamont," "From Palookaville," "Notes from the Air," and "Korean Soap Opera," among other titles) — and farther still for the one that follows it: an April 19, 1975 reading at the Cambridge Poetry Festival that includes favorites like "Thoughts of a Young Girl," "Soonest Mended," "Farm Implements and Rutabagas in a Landscape," "And Ut Pictura Poesis Is Her Name," and "Daffy Duck in Hollywood."

Our last two recordings are an April 3, 1970 reading at the New York Studio School and a November 18, 1966 reading at the University of Buffalo that showcases selections from from The Tennis Court Oath, The Double Dream of Spring, Rivers and Mountains, and Some Trees.

As impressive as these new recordings are, they're only the tiniest fraction of what you'll find on our encyclopedic John Ashbery author page. Click the individual links above to start exploring.

Eileen Myles: KWH Fellows Reading, 2016

Posted 6/27/2016

If you weren't lucky enough to make it to this year's Kelly Writers House Fellows events featuring Eileen Myles this past March then you'll certainly want to check out these recently-segmented tracks from her March 21st reading as part of that visit.

After lavish introductions from Al Filreis, Lily Applebaum, and Amanda Silberling, Myles reads for nearly an hour, offering up new poems, as well as selections from her two most recent publications: I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems 1975–2014 and the twentieth-anniversary republication of her novel, Chelsea Girls. Among other poems, Myles read "Reading Your Name," "Cigarette Girl," "A Gift for You," "Western Poem," "May 26th," "Lark," "Failed Appointment," "Kitchen Holidays," and "Summer." Listeners will also enjoy audio and video footage from Myles' morning conversation with Filreis the following day.

Rob Fitterman: Newly Segmented Recordings

Posted 6/24/2016

We've been doing some summer segmenting of previously-posted whole recordings — as you can see from the "New at PennSound" sidebar to the right. We'll be highlighting some of those newly-available tracks sporadically, and today we start with two readings from Rob Fitterman.

The more recent of these is his Whenever We Feel Like It reading with Katie Price and Michael Sosnick at our own Kelly Writers House on April 13th of this year. His half-hour set began with his adaptation of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit," then continues with "Dave," before concluding with "No Wait, Yep, Definitely Still Hate Myself."

Jumping back three years, our next segmented set is an April 27, 2013 Segue Series reading at the Zinc Bar. This thirty-two minute reading consisted of three customer chats following the process that originated in his May 2010 project "Rob's Word Shop" — a storefront on the Bowery where, in consultation with Fitterman, customers could decide upon (and purchase) letters, words, and strings of words.

These are just two readings among twenty years' worth of recordings that you can find on our Rob Fitterman author page. You can explore those offerings, and the aforementioned sets, by clicking on the title above.

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