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Kamau Brathwaite [Edward Brathwaite]

Photo credit: Beverly Brathwaite

The editor of PennSound's Brathwaite page is Jacob Edmond of the 
University of Otago (New Zealand).

Segue Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, New York City - May 1, 2004

Complete Reading (43:23): MP3

  1. Introduction (3:18): MP3
  2. Negus (4:35): MP3
  3. The Skin, part one of The Making of the Drum (1:06): MP3
  4. The Two Curved Sticks of the Drummer, part three of The Making of the Drum (0:45): MP3
  5. Gourds and Rattles, part four of The Making of the Drum (0:48): MP3
  6. The Gong-Gong, part five of The Making of the Drum (0:33) MP3
  7. Atumpan (2:06): MP3
  8. Naming (1:31): MP3
  9. Shepherd (6:36): MP3
  10. The Twist (0:41): MP3
  11. Wings of a Dove (3:51): MP3
  12. Caliban (10:06): MP3
  13. Xângo at the Summer Solstice (3:23): MP3
  14. The Twist (1:04): MP3

On Cross-Cultural Poetics Radio Show, Hosted by Leonard Shwartz

1. show number 16, Feburary 2, 2004 (59:58): MP3 RealAudio
Brathwaite talks about his new work, Caribbean poetry, and the ancient art of making it new.

2. show number 94, 2005 (59:43): MP3
Brathwaite, on the phone from Kingston, Jamaica, returns to Cross-Cultural Poetics to read from his new book Born to Slow Horses and to discuss the situation of Cowpastor, a piece of land in Barbados on which a slave burial ground is in danger of being desecrated.

Reading at New York University, December 9, 2000

Recorded by Chris Funkhouser
  • Complete Reading (59:12): MP3


(4:48): MP3
This poem was recorded October 19, 1997, part of a lecture/reading at the XCP: Cross-Cultural Poetics Conference, University of Minnesota. Published in Ancestors (A Reinvention of Mother Poem, Sun Poem, and X/Self) (New Directions, 2001). The poem appears here courtesy of Ken Sherwood. Click here for Sherwood's commentary.

Reading at Poets House, November 18, 1993

  • complete recording (51:39): MP3

International Poetry Forum, Pittsburgh, February 7, 1988

International Poetry Forum, Pittsburgh, February 10, 1987

Reading at Robin's, November 9, 1982

Reading of "Islands," 1973

  1. Complete Reading, part one (43:05): MP3
  2. Complete Reading, part two (22:44): MP3
  3. Complete Reading, part three (21:36): MP3
  4. Reading of "Masks," Unknown Date

    • Complete Reading (58:06): MP3

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