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Chax Press
New York City Book Launch

Charles Alexander
photo © Charles Bernstein/PennSound 2007

NEW New York Books
A CHAX Press Book Party and Reading with special guest Junction Press

January 14
, 2007
Bowery Poetry Club

New York

Celebrating the publication of

Certain Slants, by Charles Alexander (Junction)
Swoon Noir, by Bruce Andrews (Chax)
Afterimage, by Charles Borkhuis (Chax)
Born 2, by Alison Cobb (Chax)
Analects on a Chinese Screen, by Glenn Mott  (Chax)
Since I Moved In, by Trace Peterson (Chax)
Mirth, by Linda V. Russo (Chax)

MP3 of full reading (58:54)
in alphabetical order: Alexander intro and reading, Andrews, Borkhuis, Cobb, Mott, Peterson; then Mark Weiss of Junction  Press, finally Alexander reading Russo.

  1. Charles Alexander (6:48): MP3
  2. Bruce Andrews (9:27): MP3
  3. Charles Borkhuis (5:15): MP3
  4. Alison Cobb (12:45): MP3
  5. Glenn Mott (7:22): MP3
  6. Trace Peterson (8:23): MP3
  7. Mark Weiss (3:06): MP3
  8. Charles Alexander reading reading Linda V. Russo (3:23): MP3

photos (l to r): top -- Andrews, Borkhuis; middle -- Cobb, Mott; bottom -- Peterson
:© 2007 Charles Bernstein/PennSound

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