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Tim Dlugos

Tim Dlugos on Public Access Poetry in August 1977

Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, October 21, 1978

  1. Sonnet for Eileen Myles (1:00): MP3
  2. Je Suis Ein Americano (2:37): MP3
  3. Poppers (1:50): MP3
  4. A Day for Don and Vladimir (0:47): MP3
  5. Some (2:22): MP3
  6. American Baseball (1:28): MP3
  7. Great Books of the 1950s (2:18): MP3
  8. Gilligan's Island (4:19): MP3
Complete reading (17:43): MP3

Appearing on Public Access Poetry with Brad Gooch, August 18, 1977

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