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Twentieth Anniversay of Celebration of the Electronic Poetry Center

Thursday, September 11, 2014

  1. Afternoon Readings and Talks

  2. Evening Performances

Friday, September 12, 2014

  1. Afternoon Readings and Talks

  2. Evening Performances

    1-1:50: EPC@20 Opening

      Steve McCaffery speaks about the EPC

      Audio recording (11:37): MP3

      Danny Snelson speaks about PennSound and the EPC.

      Audio recording (18:33): MP3

      Laura Shackelford presents "Moves Like Poetics."

      Audio recording (35:57): MP3

    2-2:40pm: cris cheek: "Distance No Object" (Intro by Ethan Hayden)

    Audio recording (28:42): MP3

    3-3:40pm: Elizabeth Willis: "On Wildness and Poetic Form" (Intro by Michael Flatt).

    Audio recording (28:08): MP3

    4-4:40pm: Loss Pequeño Glazier: "Making Not-Moth" (Intro by Laura Shackelford).

    Audio recording: (42:44): MP3

    Evening Performances

      7pm: Readings/Performances (Intro by Morgan Stewart)

        Tammy McGovern

        Audio recording (13:48): MP3

        Danny Snelson reads his works "Textwares"

        Audio recording (14:02): MP3

        Wooden Cities with Ethan Hayden

        Featuring the songs: Georges Aperghis, "Récitation No. 7" (1978); Ethan Hayden, "(tRas)" (2014);

        Jackson Mac Low, "1st Milarepa Gatha" (1976); Jackson Mac Low, "Free Gatha 1" (1978);

        Kurt Schwitters, "Ribble Bobble Pimlico" (1946)

        Audio Recording (26:24): MP3

      8-10pm: Readings/Performances (Intro by Loss Pequeño Glazier)

        Joan Retallack

        Audio recording (26:54): MP3

        cris cheek

        Audio Recording (26:54): MP3

        Tony Conrad, "Act of Will and This piece is its name" (36:52): MP3

        Audio recording (36:52): MP3

    Friday, September 12, 2014

    Afternoon Readings and Talks

      1:00pm: EPC@20 Welcomes: Bruce Pitman

      Audio recording (6:21): MP3

      1:10-1:50pm: Myung Mi Kim, Reading (Intro by Loss Pequeño Glazier)

      Audio recording (29:38): MP3

      1:50-2:30pm: Joan Retallack: "Gertrude Stein & Modernist Visual Art: What is the Question?" (Intro

      by Jack Krick)

      Audio recording (60:07): MP3

      2:40-3:40pm: Charles Bernstein: "The Pataque(e)rical Wager: Midrashic Antinomianism and the

      Authority of Bent Studies" (Intro by cris cheek)

      Audio recording (65:50): MP3

      4-4:50pm: Jack Krick: Plenary Conversation

      Audio Recording (17:23): MP3

    Evening Performances

    These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the authors. © 2014 All participating authors. Used with permission of Charles Bernstein and all associated authors. Distributed by PennSound.