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Richard Foreman

Close Listening - readings and conversations at WPS1.Org

Clocktower Studio, New York, May 10, 2006

Program #1:

Richard Foreman in Conversation with Charles Bernstein (28:30): MP3

Program #2:

Foreman reads from his prose works.

Full Program (26:52): MP3


  1. Some Notes on My Next Project - Zomboid (12:09): MP3
  2. from No-Body: a novel in parts (Overlook Press, 1996) (14:43): MP3

Program #3:

Foreman reads from his plays

Full Program (27:03): MP3


  1. from Bad Boy Nietzsche (5:49): MP3
  2. from Pearls for Pigs from Paradise Hotel and Other Plays (Overlook Press, 2001) (10:59): MP3
  3. from Wake Up, Mr. Sleepy, Your Unconscious Mind Is Dead (8:14): MP3
  4. from Permanent Brain Damage, from Paradise Hotel (1:57): MP3

Close Listening produced by Charles Bernstein for WPS1. © 2006 Richard Foreman and Charles Bernstein Studio Engineer: Darrell McNeill

Reading at the SUNY Buffalo, March 10, 1993

  • complete reading (49:47): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Ear Inn, NYC, January 13, 1990

Complete reading (26:08): MP3

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, hosted by Leonard Schwartz

  • Episode #24/25, "The Forest of Symbols," 2004 (31:02): MP3
  • Episode #65, "Richard the II," 2005 (28:16): MP3
  • Episode #104, "Zomboid and Monk," 2006 (29:06): MP3
  • Episode #137, "Girly Man/Wake Up Mr. Sleepy!" (29:03): MP3
  • Episode #173, "Wake UP! The Books Are On Fire!," 2008 (29:25): MP3
  • Episode #203: "Performances" (17:51): MP3

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Henry Hills' King Richard, which features Foreman

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