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Ken Jacobs

photo: Charles Bernstein/PennSound © 2009

Close Listening - readings and conversations at Art International Radio / ArtOnAir.Org

Clocktower Studio, New York, August 4, 2009

Program #1:

Ken Jacobs in conversation with Charles Bernstein (28:19): MP3
A note from Ken Jacobs:


It was 1954 when I returned from military servitude. No later than 57 when I began SSTD. Busting with fury at the big con job we tolerate. Somehow I scrambled the dates on your show, possibly because mention of the Fifties seemed altogether absurd. Anyway, thanks for the opportunity to say some of this. I wish I would've picked up more on the ideas you were introducing but when one is on a trajectory it can be hard to veer off. '61 I was already with Flo, on Easy Street. A mere 5 years later I'd even earn a living, modest ($3500 a year) but we ate.


Program #2:

The Day the Moon Gave Up the Ghost, 1961 (28:21): MP3

Program #3:

Painted Air: The Joys and Sorrows of Evanescent Cinema (27:29): MP3
Note: The text for this 2003 autobiographical essay is available from Millennium Film Journal, here.

General note for films:

WARNING: contains flicker like many of Jacobs's works; avoid if you have epilepsy or other unusual brain conditions. For screening copies contact Filmmakers Cooperative NY or EAI, NY

Writhing Cities, 2016

Central Park, 2016

Snow in Headlights I, 2016

Window Cleaner, 2016

Dead Leaves, 2016

Deader Leaves, 2016

Seeking the Monkey King, 2012

Music: JG Thirlwell

Suggestion: Please see Another Occupation before Seeking the Monkey King

Another Occupation, 2011

Music: Rick Reed

Suggestion: Please see Another Occupation before Seeking the Monkey King

Capitalism: Child Labor, 2006

Music: Rick Reed. Assisted by Erik Nelson.

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