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Joe Milutis

Third Annual Convergence on Poetics

Held at the University of Washington Bothell, North Creek Events Center, September 25-27, 2014

THINKING LIVENESS PANEL II: Ronaldo Wilson, Stephen Collis, Joe Milutis

  • Jeanne Heuving and Gregory Laynor, Introductions (2:05): MP3
  • Stephen Collis (18:13): MP3
  • Ronaldo Wilson (22:18): MP3
  • Joe Milutis (20:51): MP3
  • Q&A With Panelists (21:38): MP3

PoemTalk Podcast #80, Discussing Tom Leonard's “Three Texts for Tape: The Revolt of Islam,” feat. Jenn McCreary, Joe Milutis, and Leonard Schwartz on September 3, 2014

For complete recording and program notes go to Jacket2

The Hiding Place Reading, Philadelphia, April 16, 2014

complete reading (24:45): MP3

performing "Numbers" at the Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, February 28, 2013

An adaptation/translation of Klaus Reichert's German translation of Robert Creeley's 1968 "Numbers Suite," originally written to accompany Robert Indiana's number images.

Convergence on Poetics, University of Washington Bothell, North Creek Events Center, September 27-30, 2012

  • Joe Milutis (9:36): MP3
  • complete recording (1:55:03): MP3

  • listen to the entire event here

Arthur Rimbaud's The Dark Knight Rises

Arthur Rimbaud's Skyfall

Demon of Analogy

MLA Offsite Reading, Town Hall Downstairs, Seattle, January 7, 2012

complete reading (3:32): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, November 13, 2010

  1. The Creative Act by Marcel Duchamp As a Madlib (6:11): MP3
  2. Anti-Oedipus Theme Song (2:07): MP3
  3. discussion of virtual literature, The Naiads, and Silliman Concordance (3:00): MP3
  4. On A Clear Day (and Intro to The New American Songbook) (1:39): MP3
  5. Stormy Weather (The New American Songbook) (0:48): MP3
  6. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down (The New American Songbook) (0:27): MP3
  7. I Won't Dance (The New American Songbook) (0:35): MP3
  8. Misty (0:37): MP3
  9. Malaguena (The New American Songbook) (0:41): MP3
  10. Sadie (The New American Songbook (0:45): MP3
  11. My Melancholy Baby (The New American Songbook) (0:55): MP3
  12. The Best Is Yet To Come (The New American Songbook) (0:49): MP3
  13. Mao Vincit Omnia (excerpt) (5:48): MP3
  14. Book III uf Alo Ado, The Erotic Cosmogony of a Faux Aztec Prince (excerpt) (11:42): MP3
  • Complete Reading (40:53): MP3

"Flaw," Live Sound Reading Series, University of North Florida

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Битница: A Translation From the Russian of a poem by Evgeny Evtushenko

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PoemTalk Podcast #25, discussing Notley's "I The People," November 7, 2009

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

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