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Carl Rakosi

99th Birthday Celebration at the Kelly Writers House, October 30, 2002

  1. Love America, Uncle Sam Needs You (1:58): MP3
  2. Go Preach Christ (1:12): MP3
  3. The Country Singer (0:53): MP3
  4. Captain Paterson (2:59): MP3
  5. from Three Cheers for the Star Spangled Banner: A Silent Movie (1:19): MP3
  6. How to be with a Rock (2:34): MP3
  7. Oh Sestina (2:27): MP3
  8. from The Old Poet's Tale (4:09): MP3
  9. To a Collie Pup (1:31): MP3
  10. In What Sense I Am I (2:17): MP3 [ text ]
Complete reading and discussion (1:18:47): RealAudio

Excerpted from that discussion: Rakosi on writing communist poetry in the 1930s: MP3

for more information on this reading, please click here to visit the event's page on the Kelly Writers House website.

Summer Writing Program, Naropa, June 17, 1998

(with Mike Heller, Jenny Penberthy, and Rachel Blau DuPlessis)

Part 1: Panel on the Objectivist poets (1:42:15): MP3
Part 2: Complete discussion (1:32:50): MP3 (note: recording is of extremely poor quality)

Special thanks to Rachel Blau DuPlessis for making these recordings available.

Reading and Interview with Charles Armakanian on "Ode to Gravity," KPFA-FM, May 13, 1971

  1. introduction (0:23): MP3
  2. on objectivism (6:07): MP3
  3. The Lobster (1:59): MP3
  4. discussing The Lobster (0:50): MP3
  5. Unswerving Marine (1:19): MP3
  6. The Creator (0:51): MP3
  7. on joining the Marxist cause, becoming a social worker, and his changing relationship to poetry (7:01): MP3
  8. discussing Rock Bass at Yaddo (2:22): MP3
  9. Rock Bass at Yaddo (3:43): MP3
  10. on the experience of listening to versus reading poems (2:03): MP3
  11. The Old Man's Hornpipe (1:07): MP3
  12. Two Variations on a Theme (0:38): MP3
  13. from The Ulcers (1:03): MP3
  14. In Thy Sleep / Little Sorrows Sit and Weep (2:27): MP3
  15. The Night Bus (6:10): MP3
  16. The Oath (2:04): MP3
  17. from Americana (13:10): MP3
  18. Simplicity (2:46): MP3
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Complete Recording (56:44): MP3

Footage shot by Nathaniel Dorsky at the Arboretum of Golden Gate Park

Click on the still above to view the film.

Footage shot by Nathaniel Dorsky at the Arboretum of Golden Gate Park, a few blocks from where the poet lived in the Sunset District of San Francisco. It is shot on 16mm Kodachrome. With Rakosi is his companion, Marilyn Kane.

from The World Record: Readings at the St. Mark's Poetry Project, 1969-1980

A Moment with the Imagination (1:07): MP3

Carl Rakosi on PennSound Daily:

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