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Susan Stewart

Close Listening: a reading and conversation, May 20, 2004.

  1. Sung from the generation of Air (5:15): MP3
  2. Apple (3:52): MP3
  3. Bees (1:38): MP3
  4. Braid (2:32): MP3
  5. Dark the Star (0:21): MP3
  6. Ellipse (4:02): MP3
  7. Two Brief Views of Hell (2:56): MP3
  8. What You Said About the Moon (0:42): MP3
  9. Pear (2:04): MP3
  10. The Rose (1:30): MP3
  11. Scarecrow (2:01): MP3
  12. from Lessons From Television (2:07): MP3
  13. Lost Rules of Usage (1:08): MP3
  14. Wings (1:37): MP3
  15. X/Cross (0:16): MP3
  16. To You and for You (2:10): MP3
  17. Zero (0:26): MP3

A Conversation with Susan Stewart, with host Charles Bernstein and questions from Penn students

Complete recording (43:08): MP3

Producer: Charles Bernstein
Recording Engineers: Chris Mustazza and Julie Sheets

Reading English translations of poems by Milo De Angelis, Wexler Studio at the Kelly Writers House, June 26, 2015

From Theme of Farewell and After Poems, edited and translated by Susan Stewart and Patrizio Ceccagnoli, 2014. Reproduced with permission of the University of Chicago Press.

da Tema dell'addio (2005)

  1. Milano era asfalto, asfalto liquefatto. Nel deserto / Milan was asphalt, liquid asphalt. In the desert (0:44): MP3
  2. Non è più dato. Il pianto che si trasformava / Nothing more can be done. The crying that turned (0:49): MP3
  3. Tutto era già in cammino. Da allora a qui. Tutto / Everything was already on its way. From then to here. All (0:56): MP3
  4. Quando su un volto desiderato si scorge il segno / When on a beloved face you catch a glimpse of the sign (0:34): MP3

da Quell'andarsene nel buio dei cortili (2010)

  1. Era buio. Il centro di agosto era buio / It was dark. August was dark at its center (0:34): MP3
  2. Ho saputo, amica mia, / I found out, my friend (0:33): MP3
  3. Ecco l'acrobata della notte, il corpo / Here is night's acrobat, the body (0:23): MP3
  4. È tardi / It's late (0:38): MP3

da Incontri e agguati (2015) [New translations]

  1. Vicino alla morte tutto è presente / In death's vicinity everything is present (0:25): MP3
  2. Non puoi immaginare, amico mio, quate cose / You can't imagine, my friend, how many things (0:25): MP3
  3. Morirai invaso dalle domande / You will die invaded by questions (0:19): MP3

Reading with Charles Bernstein for Fantasy Reading No. 4 at Bowery Poetry, New York, June 7, 2015

  1. Introduction (3:02): MP3
  2. Field in Winter (1:23): MP3
  3. Pine (3:25): MP3
  4. A Language (3:25): MP3
  5. Inscriptions for Gas Pump TVs (1:01): MP3
  6. Piano Music for a Silent Movie (3:10): MP3
  7. Atavistic Sonnet (1:21): MP3
  8. Two Poems on the Name of Vermeer: Toward the Lake & From the Lake (3:03): MP3
  9. Four Lack Songs (1:07): MP3
  10. A Clown (4:50): MP3
  11. The Knot (1:03): MP3
  12. If You Were One of the Travelers, the Guests (4:23): MP3
  13. Field in Spring (0:49): MP3

Complete Reading (33:54): MP3

Chinese American Association for Poetry and Poetics Conference, Central China Normal University - Wuhan, China. June 8, 2013

The Forest (04:20): MP3

Reading on The Life of Poetry Program on WHYY Philadelphia, April 6, 2010

  1. The Owl (2:45): MP3
  2. After reading "The Owl" Susan discusses how the poem touches on the feeling of mystery associated with an actual experience.
  3. Moon at Morning (1:25): MP3

After reading "Moon at Morning" Susan explains that she wrote the poem for a book about the moon by Enid Mark.

Poetry and Empire: Post-Invasion Poetics, presented at the ICA, University of Pennsylvania, October 17-18, 2003

from Columbarium (2:05): MP3
Saturday reading (2:22): MP3

Reading at Wednesdays @ 4Plus, SUNY Buffalo, September 26, 1999

complete reading (37:25): MP3

PhillyTalks Episode #11 with Bob Perelman, April 22, 1999

Link to PhillyTalks page

Unknown Reading

Complete Reading (30:10): MP3

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