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Diane Ward

MLA Offsite Reading at ArtShare, LA, January 8, 2011

complete reading (2:41): MP3

Poetic Service Announcement, LA-Lit, October 15, 2006

reading with Will Alexander (1:11): MP3

Segue Series reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, January 14, 2006

complete reading (41:12): MP3

reading at UCSD, 2001

complete reading (43:51): MP3, RealAudio

PhillyTalks Episode #15 with Kevin Davies, January 18, 2000

PhillyTalks series page

reading at the Ear Inn, March 27, 1993

complete reading (36:17): MP3

reading at the Ear Inn (with Erica Hunt), May 20, 1990

part 1 (14:35): MP3
part 2 (9:40): MP3

reading at the Ear Inn, February 28, 1987

complete reading (35:43): MP3

reading at the Ear Inn, October 5, 1985

complete reading (31:01): MP3

At The Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, 1985

  • Reading from Relation on August 24, 1985 (20:54): MP3
  • Talk & Discussion on August 25, 1985 (57:47): MP3

Reading at the Village Gate, NY, June 18, 1984.

Featuring Charles Bernstein, Steve McCaffery, and Erica Hunt.
0:00 3 FIFTHS EQUALS (from Legend, read with Steve McCaffery)
15:18 Introduction to Entitlement
16:49 Entitlement (Charles Bernstein as John Milton, Diane War as Jenny Lind, Erica Hunt as Liubov Popova)
complete recording (24:35): MP3

reading at Roulette, NY, December 6, 1983

Will, Absolve Me (27:22): MP3

Written by Diane Ward
Read at Roulette, NY, December 6, 1983

1st Reader: Chris Hauty
2nd Reader: Diane Ward
The excerpted version of Fidel Castro's 1953 speech, "History Will Absolve Me", read by Beth Rake
Sound & Lighting: David Weinstein

Leo Huberman and Paul M. Sweezy, Cuba Anatomy of a Revolution, New York, Monthly Review Press, 1960.

The entire speech: Fidel Castro, History Will Absolve Me, New York, Liberal Press, 1959.

reading at the Ear Inn, December 11, 1982

complete reading (31:24): MP3

also of interest:

Diane Ward at a benefit reading for Will Alexander, January 13, 2008: mp3, (8:55)

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