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Word of Mouth Series

Produced by and courtesy of George Drury and Lois Baum for WFMT, Loyola University

James Baldwin, "The Responsibility of the Artist," at the University of Chicago, May 21, 1963

With thanks to Lois Baum and George Drury, and WFMT Radio. (Word of Mouth program was broadcast 02/18/1989)

Full talk (63:17): MP3
essay by Rich Blint on this recording forthcoming April 2017

Heinrich Böll at University of Chicago, January, 1972

produced by Lois Baum and George Drury

Full Reading (1:01:49): MP3

Gwendolyn Brooks at the Chicago Public Library, Chicago, 1973

Produced by George Drury and Lois Baum

Full Reading (1:10:01): MP3

Paul Carroll, Chicago, 1995

Full Reading (50:28): MP3

Robert Duncan, Second City, Chicago, April 7, 1960

Sponsored by Paul Carroll and Big Table

Full Reading (59:59): MP3

Robert Duncan and Paul Carroll, March 29, 1962

Thanks to George Drury and Maryrose Carroll

Full Reading (44:23): MP3

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Chicago, April 4, 1986

Thanks to George Drury

Full Reading (39:50): MP3

Allen Ginsberg with William S. Burroughs and Studs Terkel, November 3, 1975

Full Reading (52:27): MP3

Interview with Allen Ginsberg, Studs Terkel, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky on WFMT, 1959

Photo of Studs Terkel with Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky, WFMT radio studio, Chicago, 1959

Complete Recording (34:28): MP3

With thanks to Studs Terkel, George Drury and Lois Baum, and WFMT.

Full Transcript on The Allen Ginsberg Project:

Allen Ginsberg at the Big Table Chicago Reading, Chicago, 1959

Thanks to Geroge Drury and Lois Baum

Complete Recording (53:20): MP3

  1. Howl (20:06): MP3
  2. Sunflower Sutra (4:31): MP3
  3. Footnote to Howl (2:47): MP3
  4. A Supermarket in California (2:15): MP3
  5. Transcription of Organ Music (3:55): MP3
  6. America (4:41): MP3
  7. In Back of the Real (0:49): MP3
  8. A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley (0:46): MP3
  9. Europe! Europe! (3:14): MP3
  10. Kaddish, part 1 (9:50): MP3

Robert Graves reading "The Face in the Mirror: A Tribute to Robert Graves on His 90th Birthday"

February, 1958, at the 1020 Arts Center in Chicago.
Produced by George Drury and Lois Baum

Full Reading (46:13): MP3

Seamus Heaney and Studs Terkel in conversation, home of Prof. Frank Kinahan, Hyde Park, Chicago, IL, March, 1981

with thanks to Terkel, Lois Baum, and George Drury

Full recording (1:04:25): MP3

Langston Hughes, John Sellers, James Cotton and Otis Spann talk with Studs Terkel at Roosevelt University, WFMT, July 15, 1960

Courtesy of George Drury for Studs Terkel

Full Reading (47:47): MP3

Randall Jarrell reads at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 1962

Produced by Finvola Drury for the Miles Modern Poetry Committee

Full Reading (43:22): MP3

Philip Levine, Chicago, November 1984

Produced by George Drury and Lois Baum

Full Reading (36:51): MP3

Philip Levine with Studs Terkel, November 5th, 1984

With thanks to Studs Terkel and George Drury

Full Reading (59:42): MP3

N. Scott Momaday at Rockford College, January 14, 1973

Produced by George Drury and Lois Baum

Full Reading (42:10): MP3

Sterling Plumpp interviewed by George Drury, University of Illinois at Chicago, January 29, 1992

Full Recording (1:22:39): MP3

Dudley Randall reading for The University of Illinois at Chicago Writers Committee, May 23, 1985

  • Full Recording (58:46): MP3
  • Produced by George Drury and Lois Baum; aired on WFMT with a performance by The Staple Singers.

  1. Introduction (2:00): MP3
  2. Dudley Randall talks about small press (1:23): MP3
  3. Robert Haydn's Those winter sundays MP3
  4. Etheridge Knight's Hard Rock returns to prison from hospital for the criminally insane (3:15): MP3
  5. Doughtry Long's One time Henry dreamed the number (1:05): MP3
  6. Nikki Giovanni's Nikki-Rosa (1:59): MP3
  7. Booker T. and W.E.B (2:13): MP3
  8. The Ballad of Birmingham (2:07): MP3
  9. George (2:30): MP3
  10. Poor Dumb Butch (1:23): MP3
  11. For Pharish Pinckney: bindlestiff during the depression (1:37): MP3
  12. Old Witherington (2:17): MP3
  13. To an old man (2:16): MP3
  14. Langston blues (1:18): MP3
  15. For Margaret Danner (0:57): MP3
  16. For Gwendolyn Brooks: teacher (0:34): MP3
  17. Perspectives (0:54): MP3
  18. Furs (1:22): MP3
  19. Loss (0:17): MP3
  20. Miniskirt (0:52): MP3
  21. Place my heart in your hand (0:57): MP3
  22. I loved you once (0:51): MP3
  23. Spring before a war (0:49): MP3
  24. Helmted boys (0:29): MP3
  25. Dear sun (0:57): MP3
  26. Pacific epitpahs (2:55): MP3
  27. In Africa (0:42): MP3
  28. African suite (0:47): MP3
  29. Hotel continental (0:25): MP3
  30. Hotel Ivoire (0:35): MP3
  31. Village girl (0:23): MP3
  32. Woman of Ghana (0:32): MP3
  33. Frederick Douglas and the slave breaker (1:13): MP3
  34. Leader of the people (1:27): MP3
  35. Bag woman (2:03): MP3
  36. Augury for an infant (1:06): MP3
  37. Happiness (1:15): MP3
  38. Poet (1:18): MP3
  39. After the killing (1:28): MP3
  40. Primitives (1:46): MP3
  41. Courage (0:21): MP3
  42. Beast (1:06): MP3
  43. Me (0:56): MP3

Karl Shapiro reads "The Bourgeois Poet" — a reading for Poetry magazine, c. 1964

Full Reading (42:27): MP3

Studs Terkel reading Thomas McGrath’s "Gone Away Blues", 1990 (produced by George Drury)

Full Reading (3:13): MP3

Diane Wakoski, reading at The University of Illinois at Chicago, October 30th, 1985

Produced by Lois Baum and George Drury

Full Reading (70:36): MP3

Yevgeny Yevtushenko at the Chicago Cultural Center, Chicago, April 3, 1987

Produced by George Drury and Lois Baum

Full Reading (1:10:48): MP3

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