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Loss Glazier

Author: Poet, Loss Pequeño Glazier is a practicing Webmaster living in the northern Americas. He is Director, Electronic Poetry Center (

Two-hundred copies of Leaving Loss Glazier were printed and assembled in April, 1997.

To order: A check or money order for $5.00 (includes postage) should be sent to Eric Rosolowski. Please E-mail for mailing address. I will respond within 2 days. Thank You.


Author: Karen A Kuehmeier is a Library Science Graduate of the University at Buffalo (August 1997). She received the Academy of American Poets Award as well as the Friends of the University Poetry Award in March 1996. Her poems have appeared in Last Word Outta Buffalo- Winter 1996, and will appear in the next issue of Mirage #4/Period(ical) and Experiodicist. She is currently working on an electronic chapbook.

20 Copies of HABIT AT were printed and assembled in December, 1996.


Author: Eric Rosolowski is a computer artist, now small press publisher. He has worked on various "pages" throughout the EPC.

20 Copies of Type(right)or were printed and assembled in November, 1996.

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