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Phillipe Beck

Ocotber 10, 2001 at Buffalo Poetics Program

  • Introduction by Gerard Bucher (damaged sections deleted!) (2:50): MP3
  • Susan Howe reads translations of Beck (tr. not known) (damaged sections deledted!) (15:26): MP3

Reading at Empire State College, New York, April 20, 2011

Bilingual Reading with Translations by Nicola Martinez

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Complete Reading (48:10): MP3

Translations by Nicola Martinez

  1. Didactic Poetry 41: Antiphrases (0:49): MP3
  2. Didactic Poetry 42: Padded Walls (1:12): MP3
  3. Didactic Poetry 43: Anticritic (2:52): MP3
  4. Didactic Poetry 44: And Prose (1:23): MP3
  5. Didactic Poetry 45: Basalt Blocks (1:16): MP3
  6. Didactic Poetry 46: In Society (1:27): MP3
  7. Didactic Poetry 47: Wallenstein (2:20): MP3
  8. Is he a self-made man? (2:05): MP3
  9. Stricken silence follows the whirlwind (3:04): MP3
  10. The candle cures seems (3:12): MP3
  11. The always from yesterday is inaccessible (1:07): MP3

Discussion in English

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