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Charles Bernstein at Segue/Bowery Poetry Club, April 28, 2007

with Dubravka Djuric
photos ©Erica Kaufman 2007

Full reasding: (41:51): MP3

  1. Intoduction by erica kaufman (text of intro)
  2. Opening comments
  3. Dubravka Djuric and Bernstein: "Disordering" (text available)
  4. The Most Frequnent Words in Girly Man
  5. Definitions of Brazil (written with Régis Bonvicino)
  6. Dear Friend
  7. In Res Robin (for Robin Blaser)
  8. You Say Insipit, I Say Inscripsit
  9. A Long Time Till Yesterday
  10. In the Next Issue
  11. On His Baldness
  12. The Twelve Tribes of Dr. Lacan
  13. Brush Up Your Chaucer

    From Girly Man

  14. Nightmare on Elm Street
  15. Jacob's Ladder
  16. Rain Is Local
  17. Don't Get Me Wrong: partial MP3

The last three poems from were not recorded by BPC; below alt. takes from McGann sessions (May 2007)
Don't Get Me Wrong (1:30) MP3
Shenandoah (2:38): MP3
from Canti Antich (1:00): MP3

See also: Trace Peterson's commentary on this reading

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