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Charles Bernstein reads at the Banff Center

as part of "In(ter)ventions: Literary Practice at the Edge," Alberta, Canada, on Febraury 20th, 2010

segmented reading:

  • introduction to Charles Bernstein (0:09): MP3
  • In the Middle of the Way (tr. of Carlos Drummond de Andrade) (1:17): MP3
  • Thank You for Saying Thank You (3:32): MP3
  • from Today's Not Opposite Day (1:09): MP3
  • Wherever Angels Go (1:45): MP3
  • every lake (1:13): MP3
  • Never Have You Looked So Simulating (2:27): MP3
  • The Twelve Tribes of Dr. Lacan (2:37): MP3
  • Won't You Give Up This Poem to Someone Who Needs It? (1:38): MP3
  • Dear%r Fr~ie%d (3:04): MP3
  • The Sixties, With Apologies (1:53): MP3
  • Recalculating (15:15): MP3
  • Morality (1:52): MP3
  • Sapphics (1:06): MP3
  • All the Whiskey in Heaven (1:31): MP3

  • complete reading (41:52): MP3

Alternate recording by Chris Funkhouser of this reading, possibly higher quality: MP3

video from reading:

These recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author. © 2010 Charles Bernstein. Used with permission of Charles Bernstein. Distributed by PennSound.