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Poetry in Conversation at The Centre for Stories, Perth, Australia

Hosted by Robert Wood; Recordings courtesy of Robert Wood

Robert Wood, interviewed by Dennis Haskell, Febuary 25, 2018

Complete Reading (47:40): MP3

Amanda Joy: September 14, 2017

Complete Reading (52:58): MP3

Susan Bradley Smith: August 17, 2017

Complete Reading (1:01:51): MP3

Sampurna Chattarji: February 22, 2017

Complete Reading (57:58): MP3

  1. Introduction (1:47): MP3
  2. Talking about her relationship to Jaipur and how it has influenced her work (3:11): MP3
  3. On how she was inspired to become a writer (2:54): MP3
  4. On the influence of Darjeeling in her writing (1:38): MP3
  5. Talking about and reading "Used to be" (2:21): MP3
  6. On her early literary influences (4:30): MP3
  7. Chattarji reading and talking about "I'm packing poems into my lute case..." (3:49): MP3
  8. On how the Bengali literary tradition has evolved (2:01): MP3
  9. On the influence of Mumbai in her writing (2:24): MP3
  10. "Language or lightyears..." (2:39): MP3
  11. On the context of language and translation in her oetry (5:55): MP3
  12. Chattarji reading an untitled poem (3:33): MP3
  13. On how translation in her poetry affects how she categorizes herself as a poet (4:19): MP3
  14. Talking about "Wales, you multiply" (4:31): MP3
  15. Wales, you multiply (2:13): MP3
  16. Chattarji names Bengali words that resonate with her (4:05): MP3
  17. Kindness (6:10): MP3

Siobhan Hodge: March 9, 2017

Complete Reading (59:56): MP3

Jeremy Balius: April 6, 2017

Complete Reading (1:03:16): MP3

Westerly Reading featuring Amy Hilhorst, Chris Arnold, and Robert Wood: May 4, 2017

Complete Reading (19:13): MP3

James Quinton: May 11, 2017

Complete Reading (1:03:42): MP3

Caitlin Maling: June 15, 2017

Complete Reading (50:31): MP3

Lucy Dougan: July 20, 2017

Complete Reading (59:44): MP3

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