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A Celebration of the Poetry and Criticism of Rachel Blau DuPlessis

October 21, 2011 - 10 am to 5 pm - 1810 Liacouras Walk -Temple University, Main Campus

10 am - Welcome from Dean Teresa Soufas, College of Liberal Arts

  • complete recording (5:46): MP3

10:15 am - Bob Perelman, University of Pennsylvania, "The Mothers of Us All, and Their Fathers: Drafts and the Epic Tradition"

  • complete talk (56:08): MP3

11:15 am - Libbie Rifkin, Georgetown University, "Deixis, Midrash, Footnote: Experiencing Rachel Blau DuPlessis' Present."

  • complete talk (30:04): MP3

11:40 am - Eric Keenaghan, SUNY Albany, "re:''Openings' and RBD's √Čtude: A Footnote on Politics and Vision."

  • complete talk (30:30): MP3

1 pm - Ron Silliman,"Un-scene, Ur-new: Time, History & Ambition in The Collage Poems of Drafts"

  • complete talk (1:01:58): MP3
  1. introduction (1:14): MP3
  2. Silliman's first encounters with Drafts (4:50): MP3
  3. the long poem in relation to the modernist literary project (6:36): MP3
  4. Zukofsky's 'A' as a useful counterpoint to 'Drafts' and the crisis of the long poem that is at the heart of its composition (5:54): MP3
  5. finding and defining boundaries in relation to the question of what constitutes a long poem (7:12): MP3
  6. gendered critique and the long poem as a male form (5:38): MP3
  7. thinking of what enters into the poem not as new information but as contamination (6:24): MP3
  8. graphic intervention and extralinguistic information in "Drafts 1-8" (4:50): MP3
  9. the act of the mark upon paper, the edge of legibility and articulation (2:39): MP3
  10. the dimensions of the grid and color, and reading horizontally as well as vertically (2:22): MP3
  11. "Draft 94: Mail Art," "Draft 110: Primer," and exploring the frontier of literacy (11:23): MP3

2 pm - Talk by Rachel Blau DuPlessis

  • complete talk (43:49): MP3

3 pm - Talk by Jena Osman, Temple University

  • complete talk (21:08): MP3

3:30 pm - Talk by Brian Teare, Temple University

  • complete talk (21:06): MP3

4 pm - Talks by alumni and members of the Philadelphia poetry community: Holly Bittner, C.A. Conrad, Thomas Devaney, Sarah Dowling, Ryan Eckes, Lucia Gbaya-Kanga, Pattie McCarthy, Michelle Taransky, Heather Thomas, Kevin Varrone

Holly Bittner

  • complete talk (6:56): MP3

C.A. Conrad

  • complete talk (5:55): MP3

Thomas Devaney

  • complete talk (6:38): MP3

Sarah Dowling

  • complete talk (2:59): MP3

Ryan Eckes

  • complete talk (3:16): MP3

Lucia Gbaya-Kanga

  • complete talk (6:36): MP3

Pattie McCarthie

  • complete talk (3:51): MP3

Michelle Taransky

  • complete talk (4:02): MP3

Heather Thomas

  • complete talk (5:40): MP3

Kevin Varrone

  • complete talk (4:43): MP3

4:50 pm - Closing remarks by Eli Goldblatt, Temple University

  • complete recording (5:31): MP3

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