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Thomas Sayers Ellis

From State of the Union: a Poetry Reading, at the CUNY Graduate Center, October 30, 2008

  • Complete reading (6:37): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, May 22, 2004

  • Complete Reading (38:31): MP3

Doug Manson and Thomas Sayers Ellis, Steel Bar September 12, 2003

  • Complete Reading (1:11:59): MP3

Reading as part of The Line Reading Series, January 28, 2003

  • Lytle Shaw's Introduction (2:19): MP3
  • The Dollar Signs of Autumn (3:03): MP3
  • All Their Stanzas Look Alike (3:01): MP3
  • Nicknames (Short tape break at 0:46) (4:00): MP3

  • "My Own Stones" (in three sections) a response to Bruce Nauman
  • I. HEADS (2:48): MP3
  • II. Cowboy Minimalism (1:39): MP3
  • III. Balloon Dog (2:31): MP3

  • Atomic Bride (3:12): MP3
  • The Awesome Power of a Fully Operational Memory (for Sharon Strange) (4:30): MP3
  • Undressing Mr. Wiggles (3:08): MP3
  • Groovallegiance (6:52): MP3
  • Complete Reading (37:05): MP3

American Poetry: The Next Generation at the Kelly Writers House, September 19, 2000

(with Carole Bernstein, A.V.Christie, Tom Devaney, Douglas Goetsch, Joe Osterhaus, and Lisa Sewell)

Complete Reading (1:13:38): MP3

Reading for the Segue Series at Double Happiness, New York, April 15, 2000

  • Complete recording (32:30): MP3

Wednesday Series: Thomas Sayers Ellis and Bei Dao, St. Mark’s Church, NY, December 10, 1997

Recorded on audiocassette. Recording hosted by the Library of Congress.

  1. Side A (48:17): link
  2. Side B (52:15): link

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