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Christian Hawkey

How to Continue: John Ashbery Across the Arts, The New School, NYC, March 23, 2012

Ashbery's silences sampled (4:57): MP3, info

Belladonna* Reading Series: HOT TEXTS, The Way Station, Brooklyn, February 20, 2012

  • Introduction by Krystal Languell (2:33): MP3
  1. Fatherless Calligraphy (6:58): MP3
  2. Fragments (4:39): MP3
  3. Passage from Artaud (4:30): MP3
  4. From "Ventricle" (3:55): MP3
  • Complete reading (20:09): MP3

Reading at the Chapter & Verse Series, with Steve Dolph and Sarah Dowling, January 28th, 2012

  • Complete recording (34:40): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, October 22, 2011

  • Complete reading (39:24): MP3

Supermachine Poetry Journal Reading, Whenever We Feel Like It Reading Series, Kelly Writers House, April 17, 2010

  • Complete reading (20:22): MP3

Reading translations of Arkadii Dragomoschenko, Summer Literary Seminars, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 11, 2007

  • Complete recordings here

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