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David Mills: The Language (2:14): MP3

Zoe Anglesey: Zaffre (1:13): MP3

Gustavo Barrera: El Resto (0:33): MP3

Gustavo Barrera: The Rest (0:40): MP3

Charles Bernstein: Johnny Cake Hollow (1:04): MP3

Haroldo de Campos: Calcas Cor de Abobora (3:50): MP3

Phillip Corwin: Mosque in Banja Luka (0:42): MP3

Brenda Coultas: Opening the Cabinet (2:09): MP3

Ligia Dabul: Musth (0:41): MP3

Emily XYZ: Allah Poem (3:29): MP3

Rhina P. Espaillat: On Hearing My Name Pronounced Correctly, Unexpectedly, For Once (1:01): MP3

Dana Gioia: Unsaid (0:34): MP3

Gladys Gonzalez: La Chica Mas Linda (0:11): MP3

Bob Holman: She Never Called Me Back (2:01): MP3

Colette Inez: At the Mouth of the Cave (1:14): MP3

Yusef Komunyakaa: Slam, Dunk & Hook (0:04): MP3

Bill Kushner: Gerard (1:31): MP3

Kate Light: Rules of Sleep (1:29): MP3

Timothy Liu: The Desert Fathers (1:03): MP3

Gonzalo Millan: La Ciudad (2:22): MP3

Gonzalo Millan: The City (2:01): MP3

Mark Nickels: This Kindled by Gaude Virgo Salutatat (1:31): MP3

Dael Orlandersmith: Untitled (2:22): MP3

FernandoPaixao: Tributo a Keith Jarrett (0:36): MP3

Stephanos Papadopoulos: The Stars This Summer (0:51): MP3

Willie Perdomo: Poet Looking For Free Get High (2:28): MP3
                              Seesaw (1:01): MP3
                              The Day Hector Lavoe Died (3:57): MP3

Ron Price: Effigy for the Black Moon (1:04): MP3

James Ragan: Rilke on the Conveyor Belt at LAX (1:56): MP3

William Pitt Root: Under the Umbrella of Blood (1:39): MP3

Elaine Sexton: Subterraine (0:39): MP3

Jackie Sheeler: Cavepeople (1:05): MP3

Christopher Stackhouse: Fabrication (2:16): MP3

Lamont Steptoe: Loud Street (0:34): MP3

Chris Stroffolino: Streetcar Named Disregard (5:13): MP3

Micheliny Verunschk: Conto (0:41): MP3

Michael T. Young: Repetitions (1:12): MP3

Raul Zúrita: Inscripcion 15 (1:03): MP3

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