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Leslie Scalapino

at Kelly Writers House, 2007 / photo: Bernstein

Close Listening: Private Edition  #2 May 14, 2007, New York

Scalapino reads selections from Day Ocean State of Stars’ Night: Poems and Writings 1989 & 1999-2006
(Los Angeles: Green Integer, 2007)

  1. from ‘Can’t’ is ‘Night’ (3:19): MP3
  2. from It’s go in/quiet illuminated grass/land (4:40): MP3
  3. from The Forest is in the Euphrates River (5:00): MP3
  4. from DeLay Rose (12:02): MP3

Recorded by Charles Bernstein.

Leslie Scalapino on LINEbreak

Complete recording (30:07): MP3

Bruce Andrews Reading with Leslie Scalapino, SPT/CCA/Timken, 2010

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