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Robert Glück

Robert Glück

Reading for the Belladonna Reading Series, NYC, December 9, 2008

On the Line Reading Series, November 12, 2002

  • Complete Recording (28:23): MP3

Memorial Reading for Robert Duncan, San Jose State University, Incognito Lounge, November 1990

  • complete reading (13:05): MP3

St. Mark's Talks, November 11, 1985

"Subject Matter"

Talk on "Caricature" at the New Langton Arts Center, 1983

Caricature was later published in Soup Magazine, under New Critical Perspectives, #3, San Francisco, 1985
  • Complete Recording (1:45:51): MP3

Two readings (dates and locations unknown)

Recordings courtesy of Bob Perelman

  • Reading 1 (26:15): MP3
  • Reading 2 (44:41): MP3

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