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Kenneth Koch

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, April 15, 1998

Songs From Plays

    From Easter in the Vatican:
  1. This Dancing Man was Once the Pope (0:32): MP3
  2. When I was a Young Women (0:36): MP3
  3. Your Genius Made Me Shiver (0:55): MP3
  4. From New Faces of Forty Years Past:
  5. Driving Along (0:21): MP3
  6. They Say Prince Hamlet (1:02): MP3
  7. From The Unicorn
  8. Songs Are About Death (0:17): MP3
  9. From New Times, New World
  10. Allegheny Menaces (0:38): MP3
  11. From Don Juan of Quixote
  12. Let's Pour Coca-Cola on the Priest (0:25): MP3
  13. From Brothers and Friends
  14. You Want a Social Life with Friends (1:28): MP3
  15. From Two Worlds
  16. What Makes this Statue Noble Seeming (0:39): MP3
  17. From My Olivetti Speaks
  18. My Olivetti Speaks (10:14): MP3
  19. Some plays from One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays (18:50): MP3
  20. One Train (5:57) MP3

Reading "Boiling Water" at St. Mark's Poetry Project

  • Complete recording (9:45): MP3

Reading at St. Mark's Poetry Project

  • Complete recording (5:17): MP3

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