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PennSound/Washington University Special Collections Department Partnership: Audio Recordings from the Lee Anderson Papers, Washington University in St. Louis

Conrad Aiken
Conrad Aiken reading, June 1951 (31:28): [Note: Recording in process]

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson discussing the work of T.S. Eliot, August 13, 1968

  1. Introduction and comments on poetic rhythm (7:41): MP3
  2. Discussion of the art of listening with comments on Isabella Gardner and Spencer Brown (3:44): MP3
  3. Comments on Allen Tate (1:43): MP3
  4. Comments on John Crow Ransom (:36): MP3
  5. Comments on Richard Blackburn (:32): MP3
  6. Comments on Conrad Aiken (:48): MP3
  7. Comments on John Hall Wheelock (1:18): MP3
  8. Comments on British poetry vs. American poetry (3:42): MP3
  9. Suggestions for poetic performance (8:51): MP3