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Adrienne Rich

Poet, essayist, and cultural critic Adrienne Rich is among the most widely admired and thought provoking writers in the United States. She received the Yale Younger Poets Award in 1951, at the age of twenty-one, and has since authored sixteen volumes of poetry, including Diving into the Wreck (1972), for which she received the National Book Award. Her essays and poems are taught across the country in most English programs and Women's Studies courses. She is the recipient of nearly every major literary award including the 1999 Lannan Foundation Lifetime Achievement award, an Academy of American Poets Fellowship, and the MacArthur "genius" grant.

Adrienne Rich - Tracking the Contradictions, 1981-1985

  1. Introduction MP3
  2. Sources MP3
  3. Poetry I, II, III MP3
  4. Emily Carr MP3
  5. North American Time MP3
  6. Contradictions-Tracking Poems (Introduction) MP3
  7. Contradictions-Tracking Poems MP3

Adrienne Rich - Planetarium: A Retrospective, 1950-1980

  1. Stepping Backwards MP3
  2. Letter From the Land of Sinners MP3
  3. Snapshots of a Daughter-In-Law MP3
  4. The Roofwalker MP3
  5. Novella MP3
  6. Mourning Picture MP3
  7. Necessities of Life MP3
  8. Jerusalem MP3
  9. Ghazals-Homage to Ghalib, 7-12-68 MP3
  10. Ghazals-Homage to Ghalib, 8-8-68 MP3
  11. Ghazals-Homage to Ghalib, November 1968 MP3
  12. Planetarium MP3
  13. The Stelae MP3
  14. Trying to Talk With a Man MP3
  15. Diving Into the Wreck MP3
  16. Song MP3
  17. For the Dead MP3
  18. Power MP3
  19. Hunger MP3
  20. Woman Dead in Her Forties MP3
  21. Excerpts from Twenty-One Love poems MP3
  22. Integrity MP3
  23. Turning the Wheel-Burden Baskets MP3
  24. Turning the Wheel-Apparition MP3
  25. Turning the Wheel MP3

Adrienne Rich - The Voice of the Poet Presents, 2002

  1. Storm Warnings MP3
  2. Snapshots Of A Daughter-in-Law MP3
  3. Necessities Of Life MP3
  4. Mourning Picture MP3
  5. Planetarium MP3
  6. I Dream I'm The Death of Orpheus MP3
  7. Trying To Talk With A Man MP3
  8. Incipience MP3
  9. Diving Into The Wreck MP3
  10. Translations MP3
  11. Power MP3
  12. From Twenty-One Love Poems MP3
  13. A Woman Dead In Her Forties MP3
  14. Integrity MP3
  15. North American Time MP3
  16. From Contradictions: Tracking Poems MP3
  17. What Kind Of Times Are These MP3
  18. From Pierc├ęd Darkness MP3
  19. Fox MP3

PoemTalk Podcast #2, discussing Rich's poem "Wait," January 3, 2008

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

Reading at San Francisco State, Cloud House Poetry Archives, September 9, 2006

Install the Flash plugin to watch this video.

April 18-19, 2005, Discussion and Reading as a KWH Fellow


  1. Introduction by Al Filreis (5:58): MP3
  2. Introduction by Alicia Oltuski (4:41): MP3
  3. Opening RemarksMP3

Discussion and Readings

Listen to the whole discussion, moderated by Al Filreis MP3.

  1. Discussion of Wait MP3
  2. Trying to talk of the man and American nationalism MP3
  3. On then and now in poetry MP3
  4. Rich's creative process MP3
  5. Teaching Poetry to those who fear it MP3
  6. Books that have influenced Rich MP3
  7. Happiness as the opposite of guilt MP3
  8. On the sacred MP3
  9. On June Jordan MP3
  10. Rich reads from a poem written for June Jordan MP3
  11. Judaism in Rich's poetry MP3
  12. Sexual desire in poetry MP3
  13. How imagination leads us to surpass ourselves MP3
  14. Rich reads from an essay on the survival of poetry MP3
  15. Rich reads from the end of Then or Now MP3

From Midnight Salvage (1999)

  1. Introduction to Letters to a Young Poet (0:26): MP3
  2. Letters to a Young Poet (4:27): MP3
  3. Introduction to The Art of Translation (0:41)MP3
  4. The Art of Translation (2:36)MP3

From Dark Fields of the Republic(1995)

  1. Introduction to What Kind of Times Are These? (0:29)MP3
  2. What Kind of Times Are These? (1:17)MP3
  3. Introduction to From Pierced Darkness, New York, December (0:10)MP3
  4. From Pierced Darkness, New York, December (3:52)MP3

From Fox

  1. Introduction to Victory (1:04)MP3
  2. Victory (3:45)
  3. Introduction to Rauschenberg's Bed (1:23)MP3
  4. Rauschenberg's Bed (1:44)MP3

From The School Among the Ruins: Poems 2000-2004

  1. Introduction to Centaur's Requiem (0:33): MP3
  2. Centaur's Requiem (0:56): MP3
  3. Introduction to Equinox (0:06): MP3
  4. Equinox (2:09): MP3
  5. Introduction to Transparencies (0:16): MP3
  6. Transparencies (2:04): MP3
  7. Introduction to Alternating Current (0:59): MP3
  8. Alternating Current (4:20): MP3
  9. Introduction to Wait (0:32): MP3
  10. Wait (0:34): MP3

New Poems

  1. Introduction to As Ever (0:34): MP3
  2. As Ever (0:32): MP3 [Tribute to Robert Creeley:text of poem]
  3. Introduction to Behind the Motel (0:51): MP3
  4. Behind the Motel (1:19): MP3
  5. Unknown Quanity (0:51): MP3
  6. Introduction to Wallpaper (0:33): MP3
  7. Wallpaper (2:22): MP3

Praise from Adrienne Rich

  • Adrienne Rich comments on her afternoon with the students in the Fellows seminar just before the reading on April 18, 2005: MP3
  • Rich praises AL Filreis as host of the Writers House Fellows: MP3
  • Rich also commends Filreis for his teaching: MP3

Pennsound Podcast

Podcast #11: MP3

Reading at SUNY-Buffalo, October 18, 2000

  1. Introduction by Robert Creeley (1:44): MP3
  2. Poet's introductory remarks (2:27): MP3
  3. Letters (March, 1969) (5:36): MP3
  4. On Edges (1968) (1:50)MP3
  5. Divisions of Labor (1988) (1:54): MP3
  6. Marghanita (3:33): MP3
  7. Victor (5:24): MP3
  8. Driving Home From Robin Blaser's Reading (4 short poems) (3:04): MP3
  9. Fox (1:33): MP3
  10. Terza Rima (11:12): MP3
  11. Sleepwalking Next to Death (6:26): MP3
complete reading (1:48): MP3

From a 1985 reading at Cornell University (on tape in the CU Library)

  1. Diving Into the Wreck (3:06): MP3 (INCOMPLETE: final section of poem is cut off)
  2. Excerpt from 21 Love Poems (3:15): MP3
  3. Snapshots of a Daugther-In-Law (8:12): MP3

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