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Rachel Zolf

PoemTalk #111, Discussing Naomi Replansky's "In Syrup, In Syrup," and "Ring Song," feat. Ron Silliman, Rachel Zolf, and Charles Bernstein on April 12, 2017

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PoemTalk Podcast #103, discussing Simone White's Poem "Of Being Dispersed"

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Polyvocal Reading from Janey's Arcadia, hosted by the Contemporary Poetics Research Group at Videofag, Toronto, 2 May, 2015

Introduction by Eric Schmaltz, Performers: Margaret Christakos, Liz Howard, Rachel Zolf

Complete Reading (27:22): MP3

PennSound Podcast #48: Rachel Zolf in Conversation with Brian Teare, Wexler Studio at the Kelly Writers House, March 18, 2015

Complete Recording (1:00:12): MP3

Read the interview transcript on Jacket2.

A Video Translation of Three Poems from Janey's Arcadia, 2014

Complete Recording (10:54): MP3

Written and directed by Rachel Zolf, edited by Aleesa Cohene, with sound design/composition by Reena Katz, Janey’s Arcadia is a video translation of three poems from Zolf’s fifth book, Janey’s Arcadia (Coach House, 2014) – a conversive, aversive reckoning with the ongoing errors of Canadian settler-colonialism. Constructed from preview-quality National Film Board of Canada (NFB) stock footage, Janey’s Arcadia draws to the surface the NFB’s governmental role in “civilizing” Indigenous peoples and settler immigrants, drawing viewers into a charged encounter with the images and ideologies that have formed them.

Janey Settler-Invader is the foul-mouthed cyborg progeny of first-wave feminist Emily Murphy’s pioneer heroine, Janey Canuck, and punk pirate Kathy Acker’s guerrilla icon, Janey Smith. Slouching towards the Red River Colony, “Britain’s One Utopia” (now known as Winnipeg), Janey encounters Christian missionaries, real estate agents, Zolf’s grandfather and other settlers, whose voices she absorbs into a carnivalesque cacophony of accented speech, weather, violence, foliage and carnality.

Pocked with digital glitches and glitched subjectivities, Janey’s Arcadia restages the ongoing appropriations and flawed disavowals of colonization in Canada. As the burnt-in NFB logo foregrounds who owns the gaze, the running timecodes continuously jump, enacting Walter Benjamin’s notion of “now-time” – unarchived, effaced remembrances flashing up, interrupting and reorienting the present. Unsettling the Arcadian promise of a new pure home via images deemed too impure for broadcast, Janey’s Arcadia squalls across time, flashing pornographic signs that the colonial catastrophe continues with each brutal scrubbing of Indigenous knowledges and settler responsibility.

Polyvocal Action at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, MB, November 19, 2014

Complete Recording (28:44): MP3

Group polyvocal performance/action at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg, November 19, 2014. Voices: Ko'ona Cochrane, Katherena Vermette, Colin Smith, Heather Milne, Rachel Zolf. Texts from Janey's Arcadia (Coach House, 2014) – and Chrystos' Not Vanishing (Press Gang, 1988), adapted by Katherena Vermette. Footage by Erika Macpherson, sound by Leah Decter.

Rachel Zolf reading from Janey's Arcadia, Toronto, Nomber 9, 2014

Complete Recording (21:37): MP3

Sound Performance Translation of Janey's Arcadia, November 9, 2014

Complete Recording (27:06): MP3

Sound performance translation of Janey's Arcadia (Coach House Books, 2014), with Rachel Zolf (voice), Reena Katz (electro-acoustic), Anne Lederman (violin) and Shannon Maguire on the overhead. November 9, 2014, Beit Zatoun, Toronto. Footage by Caro Ibrahim.

Polyvocal Performance, Gastown, Vancouver, September 27, 2014

Complete Recording (32:41): MP3

Polyvocal performance/action by the Gassy Jack statue in Gastown, Vancouver. Voices: Muriel Marjorie, Cecily Nicholson, Natalie Knight, Danielle Lafrance, Rachel Zolf. Texts from Zolf's book, Janey's Arcadia, Marie Annharte Baker's book, Indigena Awry, and the February 14th, 2014 list of missing and murdered Downtown Eastside Vancouver women. Footage by Arlene Bowman, with secondary audio by Aaron Vidaver.

Excerpt from Polyvocal Performance, San Francisco, CA, September 21, 2014

Complete Recording (3:46): MP3

Rachel Zolf and Judith Butler read "Jews in Space" from Neighbour Procedure

Reading at the Holloway Series in Poetry, UC Berkeley

Reading at "Diaspora Dialogues," Toronto, April 30, 2010

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Keynote Performance, "Turning on Rights Conference," SUNY-Albany, April 16, 2010

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Reading at Zinc Bar, New York City, April 11, 2010

  • Jews In Space (a lunacy) (with Rob Fitterman) (2:39): MP3
  • L'amiral cherche une maison à louer (3:42): MP3

Appearing at Advancing Feminist Poetics and Activism, sponsored by the Belladonna Reading Series, New York, September 24, 2009

complete recording (1:06:55): MP3

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Reading at the Kelly Writers House, April 16, 2009

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  • Introduction by Michelle Taransky (0:47): MP3
  • Introduction by Rachel Levitsky (3:23): MP3
  • from Human Resources (15:36): MP3
  • A Priori, from Neighbour Procedure (2:10): MP3
  • Complete Reading (1:07:04): MP3

Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, March 7, 2009

  1. A Priori (2:55): MP3
  2. The Neighbor Procedure (1:52): MP3
  3. Grievable (2:01): MP3
  4. Jews in Space (2:00): MP3
  5. How to Shape Sacred Time (2:05): MP3
  6. In the Beginning, He Broke on His Own Initiative (2:01): MP3
  7. Cast As Lead (1:29): MP3
  8. Go This Way (1:04): MP3
  9. Leaping Poetry (1:31): MP3

Complete Reading (17:12): MP3

note: due to technical difficulties, this recording begins in medias res

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, hosted by Leonard Schwartz

Complete Reading (14:56): MP3

Reading with M. NourbeSe Philip at the Friends Meeting House, Toronto, ON, April 23, 2008

  • Shoot & Weep (22:44): MP3
  • Q&A Session with Philip and host Kate Eichhorn (13:53): MP3

Reading at the Atwater Library, Montreal, November 9, 2007

  • excerpts from Human Resources:
  • part one (12:24): MP3
  • part two (11:17): MP3

Reading at the Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, May 11 (Possibly November 5), 2007

from Human Resources (21:49): MP3

From the Buffalo Small Press Reading Series, Spring 2007

from Human Resources (24:46): MP3

Appearing on Cross-Cultural Poetics, hosted by Leonard Schwartz, May 19, 2007

complete program (30:12): MP3

Scream Literary Festival, Toronto, 2007:


Reading as part of the Test Reading Series, Toronto, Ontario, March 29, 2006

from Human Resources (36:58): MP3

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