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Pacifica conversation & reading with Susan Howe for Pacifica Radio
Bruce Andrews & Bernstein  reading their work and interview
March 14, 1979, full program one hour: MP3
Transcript from L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E
>>Bernstein reads "Matters of Policy" from Controlling Interests (11:31): MP3

Books Books Books - Charles Bernstein & Robert Creeley; pilot for WBFO radio program in mid 1990s, with host Henry Sussman (46:29): MP3 , RealAudio

"Nightwaves" segment, BBC Radio 3, March 29, 1995, produced by Paul Quinn. (11:00): MP3

Interview by Jim Flemming on "To the Best of Our Knowledge" (Wisconsin Public Radio) on April 9, 1995 (12:08): MP3
also featuring: Susan Howe, Ron Silliman, Leslie Scalapino, Ted Greenwald, Rosemarie Waldrop, Alan Davies, Barret Watten, and Erica Hunt

"To the Best of Your Knowledge", Wisconsin Public Radio, September 1996 : "Uses of Radio" (Program #96-07-14-C): Bernstein segment (11:31): MP3

The Radio Reading Project — reading from Dark City and interview by Ernesto Grosman, 1998

"Against National Poetry Month as Such"  -- All Things Considered: NPR - April 19, 2001 (3:23)

Charles Bernstein & Kenneth Goldsmith on WFMU - July 5, 2001 (1:02:43): MP3 , RealAudio

Live at WKCR-FM (New York) on March 8, 2002

"What's the Word?": 2003 MLA Radio Program featuring Steve McCaffery, Bob Perelman, and Charles Bernstein (29:11): mp3

Radio Radio (2003) - program 5 of Martin Spinelli's series (44:59): MP3 , RealAudio

"Poet's Voices" - Sara Fishko interviews Ann Lauterbach and Charles Bernstein for Morning Edition and Studio 360 (July 11, 2003) (6:53): mp3

Cross-Cultural Poetics Interview with Leonard Schwartz, on The Sophist & World on Fire, 3/15/04: (31:53): MP3 (31MB), RealAudio (17MB)
transcript: "Setting the World on Fire" in Jacket 29 (2006)

Bald Ego with Max Blagg on WPS1 (now Art International Radio (2005)
discussion of PennSound archive (streaming only from Art International Radio):
listen | listen with RealPlayer 

Cross-Cultural Poetics Interview with Leonard Schwartz,on Shadowtime. 2005: part one (28:02), part two (30:07)

Two short radio interviews on the PennSound project (2007)

Cross-Cultural Poetics Interview with Leonard Schwartz, on Girly Man, April 15. 2007 (32 20:): MP3

"Three American Poets," Swedish Radio, produced by Lars Hermansson(June 2008), with Kenneth Goldsmith and Anne Tardos (46:32): MP3

Book recs for Obama, et al: Poetry Foundation post & radio show (Nov. 2009)

Joe Milford Show reading and discussion of Girly Man on BlogTalk.Com: MP3 (1hr10m)
reading of complete "In Parts" section of the book, plus parts of the "Girly Man" section.

Cross-Cultural Poetiics with Leonard Schwartz, Episode #208, February 4, 2010 on All The Whiskey In Heaven: Selected Poems. Complete Recording (36:58): MP3

Norman Fischer & Bernstein on Radical Poetics and Secular Jewish Practice, at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center, May 11, 2010: MP3 (55:49) of broadcast ; MP3 (1:18:47) of full program

Australian Broadcasting Company, Poetica, "Thank You for Saying Thank You" – interview and reading, broadcast June 12, 2010: MP3

Appearing on The Jason Crane Show #105, June 1, 2013: MP3
discussing PennSound

Pitching Poetry: Recalculating
Interchange radio interview with Doug Storm of WFHB (Blooington, IN, May 24, 2016)
(57:19): MP3

PennReview interview with Daniel Finkel ("The Lark" #9), Nov. 2017
(30:00): MP3

SemCoop's Open Stacks podcast, "llegibility Writ Large: Dark Ages and Pages with Charles Bernstein and James Bridle," recorded January 6, 2019: PennSound MP3

In converstion with Montez Press Radio on Jan. 23, 2019, New York. 60min.: MP3

Omnia podcast from Penn SAS, interview by Lauren Thacker, recorded and edited by Alex Schein, May 2019. 24 min: MP3

Radio MACBA from the Musuem of Contemporary Art Barcelona, produced by Maria Salgado and Anna Ramos, 1 1/2 hours: MACBA page and PennSound MP3

With Chris Funkhouser at Poet Ray'd Yo, Topsy-Turvy launch, WQXC, April 22, 2020 (60 min); PennSound archive copy.

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