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Charles Borkhuis

Reading with Basil King, LCP Salon, Virtual Reading, November 13, 2022

Introduced by Kimberly Lyons.

Media.SAS direct URL: MP4

Recording for Dia's Readings in Contemporary Poetry, May 12, 2014

Full recording available here.

Reading at the Chax Press NYC Book Launch at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, January 14, 2007

Complete reading (5:15): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, November 18, 2006

  1. Introduction (4:10): MP3
  2. Afterimage, part 1 (7:09): MP3
  3. Afterimage, part 2: Friendly Fire (4:33): MP3
  4. Afterimage, part 3: The Tooth Fairy (4:20): MP3
  5. Afterimage, part 4: Pool Scum (1:51): MP3

Complete Reading (29:18): MP3

Black Light: Two Radio Plays by Charles Borkhuis (2002)

"The Sound of Fear Clapping"

  • Complete Program (27:41): MP3
  • Radio Promo (0:44): MP3

A radio play by Charles Borkhuis
Directed by Juanita Rockwell

With Bill Raymond and Laura Estermann, Stephanie Cannon, John Nesci,
Kevin Christaldi, Michael Wells, Merlin Goldman, and Quinn Raymond.

Music by: Andrew Joffee, George Zarr, and Douglas Anderson
Music performed by: Marion Grimoldi, Andrew Joffe, and George Zarr
Accordion by Leon Shivel

Radio Stage theme by David Garland

Produced for the Radio Stage and presented by WNYC and co-produced Radio Stage consortium and WNYC, NY Public Radio.

Producer: Sarah Montigue; Production Assistant: Zedd Starkovitch
Executive Producer: Eileen Delahasy; Sound Production and Audio Mix by Michael Demark.

Funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Debose and Dorothy Hayward Memorial Fund. Playwright's commission supported by Ex-corporate Foundation.

Additional support for distribution of this program comes from National Public Radio, public member radio stations and NPR, which contributors include Flexus-Nexus.

"Foreign Bodies"

  • Complete Program (28:05): MP3
  • Radio Promo (0:57): MP3

A radio play by Charles Borkhuis
Directed by Juanita Rockwell

With Bill Raymond and Francesca Rizzo, Will Bond, Dan Southern, Andrew Joffe, and Quinn Raymond

"Foreign Bodies" is a co-production with Exit Three Productions and National Public Radio.

Producers: Andrew Joffe and Sarah Montigue

Operations manager: Stephan Brown
Sound Production and Audio Mix by Paul Rouest for the Argonaut Company.

Jazz Theme: Glenn Frizell and Patrick Cuppling.

Segue Series Reading at Ear Inn NYC, February 15, 1997

  1. Introduction (1:55): MP3
  2. Reading from Proximity: Stolen Arrows (2:46): MP3
  3. Reading from Alpha Ruins (3:29): MP3
  4. Blank Page Already Black (1:37): MP3
  5. Touch My Money and Leave (2:38): MP3
  6. The French Disease (02:18): MP3
  7. Old Ladies Meet for Cynthia Hogue (1:15): MP3
  8. Will Remembers (1:02): MP3
  9. Letters (1:41): MP3
  10. Sight Lines (1:25): MP3
  11. Close Up and Far Away 1 (1:23)): MP3
  12. Close Up and Far Away 2 (0:48): MP3
  13. Close Up and Far Away 3 (1:02): MP3
  14. Close Up and Far Away 4 (1:17): MP3
  15. Pebbles in the Mouth (1:41): MP3
  16. Eye to Eye (1:23): MP3
  17. Intimacy (2:54): MP3
  18. Bitter Than Dead (1:09): MP3
  19. Flowers' Names (0:56): MP3
  20. Write What I Say (3:27): MP3
  21. Cold Pillows (3:31): MP3

Complete Reading (34:13): MP3

On Cross-Cultural Poetics (hosted by Leonard Schwartz)

Complete Program (28:16): MP3

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