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Pierre Joris

Close Listening: Readings and Conversations at WPS1, Clocktower Studio, New York, June 21, 2005

  1. Returning to These States after a 6 Months Absence (unpublished) (0:22): MP3
  2. This Afternoon Dante (from Permanent Diaspora, duration press, 2003) (0:45): MP3
  3. The Word, The Mâwqif (from Permanent Diaspora) (1:50): MP3
  4. A Calm Vademecum Dose (from Permanent Diaspora) (2:56): MP3
  5. Nimrod in Hell (from Permanent Diaspora) (7:27): MP3
  6. Reading/Writing #18 (from Permanent Diaspora) (3:31): MP3
  7. The Rothenberg Variations on Close Listening (1, 2, 3, 11, 13, 15) (Wild Honey Press, 2004) (3:34): MP3
  8. The Tang Extending from the Blade (3 sections) (3:40): MP3
  9. (From Masthead Magazine #9)
  10. The Rheumy Eye of Night (unpublished) (1:10): MP3
  11. Lines Written From Returning to These Shores After a Long Absense (1:39): MP3
    (read at the 2007 MLA Off-site Reading)

Close Listening produced by Charles Bernstein for WPS1
WPS1 Studio Engineer: Darrell McNeill

© 2005 Pierre Joris and Charles Bernstein

PoemTalk #107, Discussing Paul Celan's "Corona", feat. Pierre Joris, Anna Strong, and Ariel Resnikoff on December 1, 2016

For Complete recording and program notes go to Jacket2

PoemTalk #76, discussing Anne Waldman's "To The Censorious Ones"("Open Address to Senator Jesse Helms") December 3, 2013

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

PoemTalk #46, discussing Jackson Mac Low's "Words nd Ends from Ez," October 13, 2011

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

PennSound #36: Pierre Joris on Paul Celan's Shoah

Complete recording (21:58): MP3

Double Change reading, Paris, Atelier Michael Woolworth, June 25,, 2019, tr. Habib Tengour

Complete Recording (21:31) MP3

Memorial reading for Gerrit Lansing, Kingston, NY, October 20, 2018

Introduction (2:00): MP3

Reading (7:09): MP3

Trialogues with Nicole Peyrafitte and Michael Bisio, Kingston, NY, January 20, 2018

Complete Reading (30:47): MP3

Reading at the 27th Subterranean Poetry Festival, September 10th, 2017, Rosendale, NY

Full Reading (13:59): MP3

Poetry Reading at St. Mark's Poetry Project, New York, NY, 22 March 2017

Full Reading (35:42): MP3

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MLA Offsite Reading, Philadelphia, January 6, 2017

Complete reading (5:09): MP3

Reading with Nicole Peyrafitte, Writers Without Borders, September 8, 2016

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Complete Recording (1:25:10): MP3

Pierre Joris reading Celan and in conversation with Paul Auster, New York University, Dec. 1, 2014

YouTube, PennSound

The Holocaust Experience in the Poetry of Paul Celan, Kelly Writers House, December 3, 2013

A conversation with Pierre Joris, moderated by Al Filreis
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Complete Audio (1:12:28): MP3

Reading for the Readings in Contemporary Poetry series at Dia Art Foundation, New York:Chelsea, April 8, 2013

with Jerome Rothenberg

  • Complete reading (27:30): MP3

Video c. 2013: Joris & Charles Bernstein read extracts from Paul Celan's Radio Play

on Osip Mandelstam (tr. by Pierre Joris, in The Meridian). Videographer/Editor/Producer: Nicole Peyrafitte: MP4

Reading from "Meditations on Mansur al-Hallaj," Filmed & Edited by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, 2012

With Paul Celan into the 21st Century, Woodberry Poetry Room, Harvard, November 15, 2011

Speaking at the Kenneth Irby Colloquium, Lawrence, Kansas, November 3, 2011

Complete Talk (32:39): MP3

Recordings courtesy of Benjamin D. Cartwright

Reading for the Segue Series at the Bowery Poetry Club, New York, April 30, 2011

Complete Reading (29:59): MP3

Pierre Joris reading for the launch of Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader at Bowery Poetry Club, September 19, 2009

Complete Reading (8:32): MP3

Reading from Poems for the Millenium III, Bowery Poetry Club, NY, March 28, 2009

  • Complete reading (13:22): MP3

A 40th Anniversary Celebration of Technicians of the Sacred, at the Bowery Poetry Club, September 14, 2008

Reading for POG Sound: Reading at The Drawing Studio, Tuscon, AZ, February 2, 2008

Complete Reading (37:13): MP3

MLA Offsite Reading, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, December 28, 2007

Complete reading (1:39): MP3

Reading for Double Change, Paris, June 13, 2007

Film available from Double Change archives.

From Charles Bernstein's Portraits Series: Pierre Joris, October 22, 2006

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Pierre and I met for lunch at Franklin Street Cafe, where he told me about his new anthology project, which will be part of the Poems for the Millenium series.
(mp4, 38 sec., 6.2 mb)

Further Notes of Nomad Poetics, read at the Kelly Writers House, February 18, 2006

Entire Program (1:07:09): MP3

Pierre Joris coediting Poems for the Millenium, visit link for more information

Reading with Nicole Peyrafitte for the Segue Series at Double Happiness, May 6, 2000

  • Complete recording (40:43): MP3

Reading at Wednesdays @ 4-Plus,SUNY-Buffalo, September 25, 1996

Incomplete reading (cuts out in the middle) (46:51): MP3

On Cross-Cultural Poetics with Leonard Schwartz

  • Episode #165: Nomadics (1:05:00): MP3
  • Episode #253: Celan/Bronk, 2012
    1. Introduction (0:52): MP3
    2. on Paul Celan's "Meridian" speech and the difficulty of translating Celan's text (10:26): MP3
    3. scholarship, discovery and encounter in Celan's work, and the enlightening experience of translating The Meridian: Final Version-Drafts-Materials (5:49): MP3
    4. tremors and hints within the compositional process, transparency in Celan's writing practice, and Celan as an aphoristic writer (4:53): MP3
    5. Celan as a concentration camp survivor, his difficult relationship to the German language, and how careful Celan was with what he wrote when receiving the Buchner prize (5:05): MP3
    6. Pierre Joris reading new translations of aphorisms by Paul Celan (0:46): MP3
    7. the richness of phrases in The Meridian and the daily work of poetry (2:14): MP3

  • Episode #259: Fidelio/In Translation, November 1, 2012: (29:13): MP3

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