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Kenneth Koch

Rudy Burckhardt, On Aesthetics (1999, 9 min., color, with Kenneth Koch)

Rudy Burckhardt, The Apple (1967, 2 minutes, color, poem by Kenneth Koch, music by Tony Ackerman and Brad Burg, sung by Kim Brody)

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, April 15, 1998

Songs From Plays

    From Easter in the Vatican:
  1. This Dancing Man was Once the Pope (0:32): MP3
  2. When I was a Young Women (0:36): MP3
  3. Your Genius Made Me Shiver (0:55): MP3
  4. From New Faces of Forty Years Past:
  5. Driving Along (0:21): MP3
  6. They Say Prince Hamlet (1:02): MP3
  7. From The Unicorn
  8. Songs Are About Death (0:17): MP3
  9. From New Times, New World
  10. Allegheny Menaces (0:38): MP3
  11. From Don Juan of Quixote
  12. Let's Pour Coca-Cola on the Priest (0:25): MP3
  13. From Brothers and Friends
  14. You Want a Social Life with Friends (1:28): MP3
  15. From Two Worlds
  16. What Makes this Statue Noble Seeming (0:39): MP3
  17. From My Olivetti Speaks
  18. My Olivetti Speaks (10:14): MP3
  19. Some plays from One Thousand Avant-Garde Plays (18:50): MP3
  20. One Train (5:57) MP3

Reading "Boiling Water" at St. Mark's Poetry Project

  • Complete recording (9:45): MP3

Reading at St. Mark's Poetry Project

  • Complete recording (5:17): MP3

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  • Kenneth Koch reading "The Circus" (6:09): MP3
  • Niels Plenge, Lars Movin, and Thomas Thurah, "Something Wonderful May Happen" (2001) on the New York School, documentary: mp4

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