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PennSound/Washington University Special Collections Department Partnership: Audio Recordings from the Lee Anderson Papers, Washington University in St. Louis

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson discussing the work of T.S. Eliot, August 13, 1968

  1. Introduction and comments on poetic rhythm (7:41): MP3
  2. Discussion of the art of listening with comments on Isabella Gardner and Spencer Brown (3:44): MP3
  3. Comments on Allen Tate (1:43): MP3
  4. Comments on John Crow Ransom (0:36): MP3
  5. Comments on Richard Blackburn (0:32): MP3
  6. Comments on Conrad Aiken (0:48): MP3
  7. Comments on John Hall Wheelock (1:18): MP3
  8. Comments on British poetry vs. American poetry (3:42): MP3
  9. Suggestions for poetic performance (8:51): MP3