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New York Talk, 300 Bowery, New York, NY

Curated and Moderated by Charles Bernstein

(300 Bowery is the home of the Segue Foundation and James Sherry)

January 31, 1984

"Rewriting Society: Poetics, the Self, Ideology"

February 24, 1984

Emily Dickinson" (2:04:37): MP3
  • Susan Howe reading from "My Emily Dickinson" (1:06:46): MP3
  • Discussion (57:50): MP3 (Charles Bernstein, George Butterick, Madeline Keller, Jeanne Lance, Lydia Davis, Edie Jarolim, Janet Chalmers, Eliot Weinberger, George-Thérèse Dickenson.)
    1. Dickinson's mixing of pronouns (2:08): MP3
    2. Dickinson and Higginson (6:52): MP3
    3. shifting values and ambiguity in relation to Dickinson's writing (8:50): MP3
    4. Dickinson's Master Letters (0:48): MP3
    5. ambiguity and uncertainty as a different epistemological (3:06): MP3
    6. sovereignty in relation to ambiguity (3:14): MP3
    7. Dickinson's reclusiveness (4:23): MP3
    8. the recurrence of the color white (1:20): MP3
    9. working out of the English male tradition and political issues in Dickinson's poetry (4:23): MP3
    10. Sewall on Mabel Loomis Todd and Austin Dickinson (2:45): MP3
    11. coming to Dickinson from the perspective of a 20th century woman (5:14): MP3
    12. officially accepted interpretations of Emily Dickinson (12:31): MP3
    13. power in inconclusiveness (2:15): MP3

March 27, 1984

"If Words Had Meaning"

April 22, 1984

"Blank and Other Relatives of Indeterminacy"

June 5, 1984

"On Writing as the Visual Representation of Language" (2:15:21):
  1. authorship and responsibility in relation to the visual presence of the text (3:44): MP3
  2. Mallarme and using visual arrangements to add semantic value to a text (3:35): MP3
  3. pre-19th century history of visual concrete poetry, problems of overdetermination and fetishizing of the visual image (2:14): MP3
  4. Freud, Schoenberg and Moses (4:15): MP3
  5. the function of the visual element in the text and the relationship between looking and the scopic drive as an important aspect for dealing with writing (1:49): MP3
  6. writing as detached from the speaker, speech and memory, the materiality of visual texts (3:31): MP3
  7. the presence of the author, differences between sonic and visual materiality, recuperability and interpretability (12:17): MP3
  8. theatrical texts and sonic value (5:53): MP3
  9. the difference in recuperability and semi-permanence between writing and speech (5:14): MP3
  10. rendering text into speech, sound poetry, and visual specificity (3:05): MP3
  11. the permanence of the text, new technology, and the material activity of inscription (4:25): MP3
  12. the fallibility of memory, the autonomy of the written text and the cultural problem of venerating the written text as absolute (7:42): MP3
  13. how we perceive written texts and suppressing visual qualities for the practical reason of reading (4:06): MP3
  14. notation, tone, and the alphabet (4:09): MP3
  15. numbers, letters, Kabbalah and computer science (5:23): MP3
  16. clarifying the term "negotiation" (1:40): MP3

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Note: it's New York Talk (not New York Talks); the subsequent series was called St. Mark Talks.