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Brian Kim Stefans

MLA Offsite Reading at ArtShare, LA, January 8, 2011

Complete reading (3:53): MP3

Segue Series Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, February 28, 2009

Note: due to recording complications, only the following have been salvaged from the reading.

1. The New (1:13): MP3
2. Third Season: Harold and Sonia, First (10:10): MP3 / Final (1:35): MP3
3. The Card Players (3:21): MP3

Appearing on Ceptuetics Radio, hosted by Kareem Estefan, June 18, 2008

Complete program (28:05): MP3

"Language as Gameplay: From the Oulipo to the Jew's Daughter" a lecture at the Kelly Writers House, January 22, 2008

Please click here to visit a special page for this multimedia event.

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, January 16, 2007

  1. Introduction (4:36): MP3
  2. "The Crowds Were Getting Dressed" (2:02): MP3
  3. "All Over Theory Might Find Its Way Back" (0:54): MP3
  4. "Um Uh" (from The Screens) (4:01): MP3
  5. "Third Season: Harold and Sonia" (from Kluge: A Meditation) (16:47): MP3
Complete reading (34:25): MP3

Segue reading at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, March 13, 2004

Complete reading (23:36): MP3
  1. Introduction by Charles Borkhuis
  2. Axis Thinking from "The Screens"
  3. Selections from "What Does It Matter?" (or "Pasha Noise: Life and Contacts")
  4. "The Window Ordered to be Made"
  5. "Provincial Hack"
  6. "State of the Union"
  7. "Howlings in Favor of Tulsa"

Reading at the Kelly Writers House, University of Pennsylvania, February 6, 2002

  1. They're Putting a New Door In (1:36): MP3
  2. Axis Thinking, from The Screens (3:06): MP3
  3. Italics, from The Screens (2:43): MP3
  4. Biography of Roger Pellett (2:00): MP3
  5. Plausible Implausible (2:39): MP3
  6. I Know a Man (1:19): MP3
  7. The Warning (0:56): MP3
  8. Discussion of homepage (13:59): MP3
  9. excerpt from "What I" and further discussion of digital poetics (22:01): MP3
  10. excerpts from "The Proverbs of Hell" and discussion (20:23): MP3
Complete reading (1:11:50): MP3, RealAudio

Reading at SUNY Buffalo, 2001

Complete reading (18:07): mp3, RealAudio

Reading as part of The Line Reading Series, April 18, 2000

  1. Opening Remarks (0:56): MP3
  2. Preporatory Meditation (0:57): MP3
  3. Antonio (a sonnet) (1:09): MP3
  4. Stare into the Common Joy (0:50): MP3
  5. Roger Pellet Bio (2:09): MP3
  6. Plausible / Implausible (3:19): MP3
  7. Holiday (5:19): MP3
  8. A Poem of Attitudes (7:31): MP3
  9. "Too much enjoyment in receiving..." (1:14): MP3
  10. Pasha Noise (1:19): MP3
Complete Reading (24:44): MP3

Discussion at the Contemporary Avant-Garde Poetry Symposium at the Kelly Writers House December 7, 1999

(with Ron Silliman, Al Filreis, Jena Osman and Bob Perelman)

Complete recording (1:51:06): .rm, MP3

PhillyTalks Episode #7 with Fred Wah, September 17, 1998

  1. Verl (0:34): MP3
  2. Terms of the Anglo Saxon Ritual (0:47): MP3
  3. Preparatory Meditation One (0:48): MP3
  4. Trouble on Triton in Arabesque (5:53): MP3
  5. Untitled (0:59): MP3
  6. Excerpt from That's Egypt (1:23): MP3
  7. Stake (7:03): MP3
  8. Excerpt from Diamond Grille by Fred Wah (1:30): MP3

Segue Series Reading at HERE, date unknown

Complete Reading (26:55): MP3

"Ambient Reading over the Flash poem "The Dreamlife of Letters"

  1. Excerpt from "Reflections on Cyberpoetry" (an e-mail from "Thomas Stearns Eliot")
  2. Excerpt from "Electronic Desires"
  3. Excerpt from "A Poem of Attitudes"
  4. Stock figures from Kenny Goldsmith's "Day"
  5. Excerpt from "Gulf"

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