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Charles Bernstein and Jeff Preiss

The Yellow Pages Ads, Filmed in Hollywood, November 14, 1998
conceived and directed by Jeff Preiss

Radio Ads
TV ads
Jon Lovitz Interview
Outtakes: alternative angles

Jeff Preiss on making the ads (May 28, 2019 interview with Davide Balula): MP3

Radio Ads (Charles Bernstein)

TV ads (Charles Bernstein and Jon Lovitz)

The Critic (0:31): A discussion of the literary significance of Jon Lovitz's great contemporary epic, The Yellow Pages.


A high resolution of this ad can be viewed here.

The Cabin (1:15): Jon Lovitz on inspiration.

Tour (1:04): Jon Lovitz embarks on a promotional tour of America.

Yellow Pages Ad Outtake (11:33): Charles Bernstein interviews Yellow Pages author Jon Lovitz

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Green Room (1:00): Jon Lovitz meets the media.

School (1:00): Jon Lovitz visits a second grade class on his book tour.

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Outtakes: alternative angles

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