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New Harvey Shapiro Poems at Jacket2

Posted 9/2/2014

September is starting in grand fashion at Jacket2 with a short piece highlighting selections from Harvey Shapiro's forthcoming posthumous collection, A Momentary Glory, which will be published at the end of the month. In addition to five new poems — "For William Carlos Williams," "Reznikoff," "Song," "Brooklyn," and "Pardoned" — Norman Finkelstein, Shapiro's literary executor and editor of the new volume, has offered some insights into its assembly. He begins:

"Harvey Shapiro passed away on January 7, 2013, less than a month short of his eighty-ninth birthday. As his literary executor, I was given the task of looking over his remaining papers. I did not anticipate a big job: in 2009, Harvey moved from an apartment in a brownstone on Pierrepont Street in Brooklyn Heights to a high-rise a few blocks away on Montague Street, and before the move he had sold most of his papers (notebooks, manuscripts, and letters of over fifty years) to the Beinecke Library at Yale, his alma mater. His collected poems, The Sights Along the Harbor, had appeared in 2006, including about twenty pages of new work. After its publication, in his last years, I knew he was continuing to write at a leisurely pace, and he would casually mention poems forthcoming in one publication or another. My impression, therefore, when I began to consider his remaining files, was that I would find only a handful of poems beyond the ones that he had published since Sights had appeared.

As it turns out, I was utterly mistaken."

You can read more at Jacket2, and don't forget to check out PennSound's Harvey Shapiro author page, which is home to two recordings from a 2005 visit to the Kelly Writers House by Shapiro and Finkelstein, with readings from both poets, as well as a discussion of the Objectivists moderated by Bob Perelman.

Vintage Segue Series Readings Recently Added

Posted 8/29/2014

We're closing out the week with a trio of recently-added Segue recordings from a period of transition around the turn of this century.

First, there's a February 7, 1998 reading recorded at HERE — an alternate venue during the series' tenure at its original home, the Ear Inn — featuring sets by Jen Hofer and Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Next, a February 10, 2001 event at Double Happiness showcasing the work of Lisa Lubasch, Rebecca Wolff, and Devin Johnson. And finally, also from Double Happiness, a March 17, 2001 reading by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge and Laura Moriarty.

You can browse for these recordings and many more from Segue's nearly forty years of existence at our pages for its iterations at the Ear Inn, Double Happiness, the Bowery Poetry Club, and the Zinc Bar.

Fifty Years of Buffalo Poetics Readings on PennSound

Posted 8/27/2014

Today on Jacket2, Charles Bernstein has a new commentary post celebrating PennSound's archive of Buffalo recordings:

"We've been working on this page for a decade, but now near complete — 150 readings and events at Buffalo, from 1963 to 2003.

Most of the readings here are connected to two series: 'Walking the Dog' programs coordinated and recorded by Robert Creeley until 1990; 'Wednesdays@4 Plus' programs (1990-2003) coordinated and recorded by Charles Bernstein (working with Susan Howe, Raymond Federman, Dennis Tedlock, and Creeley). While the Poetics Program as such didn't begin until Fall 1991, we include on this page 50 years of readings in Buffalo, associated with the State University of New York's English Department."

On our Buffalo series page, you'll not only find an astounding archive of recordings, but also links to segmented versions of complete sets when they exist on PennSound author pages, along with links to a calendar of events from 1994-2005 (hosted at the Electronic Poetry Center) and a PDF of posters from the Wednesdays@4 Plus series from 1990-2003.

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