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Collection of Tapes Donated by Ben Tripp

Jack Spicer reading “One Night Stand”, c. 1957

Complete recording (42:19): MP3

Jack Spicer in Vancouver, 1963

  • Part 1, Side A (47:39): MP3
  • Part 1, Side B (48:05): MP3
  • Part 2, Side A (47:43): MP3
  • Part 2, Side B (47:20): MP3
  • Part 3, Side A (47:32): MP3
  • Part 3, Side B (3:54): MP3

Jack Spicer's Poetry and Politics Lecture for the Berkeley Poetry Conference at the University of California, Berkeley, July 4, 1965

Complete recording (1:17:45): MP3

Reading by Paul Blackburn, 1966

Includes "Lines", "Trees", "Words", "A Miracle Has Happened", "There Are Doors", "How to Sublet an Apartment to Friends", "The Unemployment Bureau", "Spring Thing", "So Who Needs Legs We Do", "Laurel", "Cancer Ejaculations", "Going Up", "Flowers All over the Wall", Two Poems after Li Po ("Resentment" and "Poem to a Dead Girl"), "The Assassination of President McKinley", "Face 1", "The Necessary Goddess", "Origins", "You Light It", "Between Sets", "Ya Lift a Cold One", "The Young", "Listening to Sonny Rollins at the Five Spot", "The Voices (for Alma - October Sun)", "The Man Turned against Himself", "Getting a Job", "Flexibility or the Rich", "Park Poem", "Here They Go", "Ritual VI", "The Gathering Winter Fuel", "This Couldn't Happen Again", "She Holds His Hand", "Pals Together", "Sunflower Rock", two poems: "Cockcrow Barcelona" and "It Was Noted after the Panel Discussion", "Think I Know", "The Bones", "Scoffing It", "The Old Days", "Democracy in California (Napalm)", "Blues for Austryn Wainhouse", "That Things Go Well Is My Whole Spiel", "It's a Matter of Tracing It All Back", "The Flower Phantom Strikes Again", "The Geologist", "Rockhound", "The Weathers", "Eat", "More of It", "Style", "The Differences", "O Whence Are You Going", "The Eastern Slopes", "Measure the Takers", "The Forty Five", "Chicken Soup", and "Bags"

  • Side A (47:27): MP3
  • Side B (18:43): MP3

Paul Blackburn reading at St. Marks, 1969

  • Side A (47:13): MP3
  • Includes notes from Anne Waldman, introduction by Sam Abrahms, Blackburn's introductory remarks, selections from The Cities and In On Or About the Premises, "Directions to Get There", "Night Canopy", explanation of "Rest Rooms", "The Metamorphosis", "Ritual X (The Evening Pair of Ales)", "Motivations 1", "The Assassination of President McKinley", "Getting a Job", "Two Songs for the Opp", "Poor Dog", talking about "I want to come back to this book later", "Roads", and "A Short History of Modern American Poetry (for Mac Rosenthal)"

  • Side B (47:28): MP3
  • Includes excerpts from the journals, talking about "a spooky green wheel", November journal re: workshops in Black colleges in the South, "how is it I keep remembering?", etc., "green shoes black umbrella", "Birds", "Amsterdam", "Gin", "On Revisiting Toulouse", "I'm fated to go back to that goddamn town again and again" written on the Paris-Toulouse train, "The Roads", Musee, Toulouse, "Carthaginian Land", "On That Not So Bleak Hillside", "Valencia Winter", "As It Ends", "Rituals Reparatory to the Voyage", "The Tissues", and more from the journals

Alice Notley reads from "Songs for the Unborn Child," University of Essex, England, March 8, 1974

Complete recording (49:25): MP3

Alex Trocchi in conversation in London, via Allen Ginsberg, c. 1975

  • Part 1, Side A (47:41): MP3
  • Part 1, Side B (21:17): MP3
  • Part 2, Side A (47:20): MP3
  • Part 2, Side B (48:19): MP3

Reading by Ulli McCarthy (Freer), produced by Balsam Flex, 1977

  • Side A: T Chest (3:37): MP3
  • Side B: Trunk Calls (4:47): MP3

Jim Brodey reads “Breathlehem” with jazz improvisation at the Free Association, New York, April 15, 1978

Complete reading (48:55): MP3

Basil Bunting lectures on Ezra Pound and sources of poetry at the Percy Building, University of Newcastle, January-March 1979

Complete recording (1:35:28): MP3

Basil Bunting lectures on Pound and Medieval English poetry, 1979

Complete recording (1:03:27): MP3

Alice Notley reads at The Body Politic, Chicago, February 26, 1973, and at Lines Radio, Detroit, c. 1980

Complete recording (57:37): MP3

Alice Notley interviewed by Stevens Institute of Technology Students, 1980

Complete recording (39:18): MP3

Tom Raworth reading at St. Marks, introduced by Ted Berrigan, April 7, 1982

Reading "Little Trace Remains of Emmett Miller", "The Big Green Day", Haiku 1-366, The Relationship 368-584.

  • Side A (44:46): MP3
  • Side B (34:45): MP3

Basil Bunting reading from Briggflatts and interview with Hugh Kenner, May 1, 1982

Complete recording (1:21:38): MP3

Roy Fisher reading at Kings College, London, February 7, 1984, and Barry MacSweeney reading c. 1984

Complete recording (45:41): MP3

Jim Brodey reading late poems at Re Cher Chez, with introduction by Susan Cataldo, St. Mark’s Place, New York, March 30, 1984

Includes Elmore James 3, William Carlos Williams 4, Valery Larbaud 17, Tony Towle 4, Robert Fripp 5, Alice Notley, Gary Hull, Margot Howard-Howard, Jack Kerouac 4, Johann Sebastian Bach, Larry Young, Malcolm X, Charles Bernstein, The Gun Club, Kathy Foley, and Jim Brodey (“whosoever lives by the poem.”)

Complete recording (32:40): MP3

Philip Whalen lectures on Gertrude Stein at New College of California, San Francisco, February 1985

  • Part 1 (1:35:00): MP3
  • Part 2 (1:34:58): MP3

Alberto Masala, Gilberto Centi, and Dacia Valent reading on Radio Città Del Capo, Chiostro S. Leonardo, Bologna, July 31, 1990

  • Side A (45:35): MP3
  • Includes Alberto Masala reading “Sullo Spiedo” and Gilberto Centi reading “Simulation di Poeta in Ambiente di Chiostro” with a choir

  • Side B (40:03): MP3
  • Includes discussion with Masala and Centi as well as Soldano and Cappelletti, and Dacia Valent reading “I Poeti del Cuore"

Tom Raworth reads Fourteen Poems, at Tom and Val's Base, October 20, 1993

Includes "Vein", "Wit Wither", "Blue Screen", "All Fours", "Gaslight", "Proust", "Catacoustics", "Belt", "Poe", "Attitude", "What's This All About", "Los Angeles", "Infinite Variety Stales", and "Blue Vacuum Cleaner".

  • Part 1 (15:01): MP3
  • Part 2 (15:05): MP3

Tom Raworth and Ray Bremser read at St. Marks, February 1995

  • Side A: Ray Bremser (47:35): MP3
  • Side B: Tom Raworth (34:51): MP3

Tom Raworth reading at St. Marks, introduced by Ed Friedman, 1995

Complete recording (29:12): MP3

Ed Dorn's "Satirical Verses" broadcast on Alternative Radio, hosted by David Barsamian, 2000

  • Side A (29:11): MP3
  • Side B (30:17): MP3

Alice Notley reading from "The Descent of Alette," Date and Location Unknown

Complete recording (13:43): MP3

Alice Notley reading, Date and Location Unknown

Complete recording (51:33): MP3

Alice Notley reading, Date and Location Unknown

Complete recording (47:29): MP3

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