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Allen Ginsberg

PoemTalk #4, Discussing Ginsberg's "The Garden of Love"

Listen to the complete recording and read program notes for the episode at Jacket2.

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From Kenning, Vol. 4 No. 3 Autumn/Winter 2002-2003, Issue #12

Allen Ginsberg recorded by Chris Funkhouser, 22 April 1994, Hudson, New York (Columbia-Greene Community College). The original version of "HUM BOM" appeared in The Fall of America (City Lights, 1972); this extended version was published in Cosmopolitan Greetings (Harper Collins, 1994).

HUM BOM (3:06): MP3

Recorded Live at the Knitting Factory, NYC

May 4, 1995

  1. Howl - I, II, III (22:37): MP3
  2. Howl Epilogue (2:58): MP3

May 5, 1995

  1. Introduction to Kaddish (2:40): MP3
  2. Kaddish I (10:11): MP3
  3. Kaddish II (36:43): MP3
  4. Kaddish - Hymmnn (1:37): MP3
  5. Kaddish - III (1:46): MP3
  6. Kaddish - IV (2:17): MP3
  7. Kaddish - V (1:57): MP3
  8. William Blake's Nurse's Song (4:45): MP3

May 6, 1995

  1. Wichita Vortex Sutra I (3:14): MP3
  2. Wichita Vortex Sutra II (12:52): MP3
  3. Wichita Vortex Sutra III (5:51): MP3
  4. Wichita Vortex Sutra IV (5:41): MP3

Reading and Discussion with Gregory Corso, and John Wieners, Small Press Book Fair, New York City, December 5, 1992

  • Complete reading (1:03:40): MP3
  • Ginsberg's reading (13:27): MP3
  1. Retro Axioms (2:53): MP3
  2. American Sentences (5:20): MP3
  3. After Lalon (3:47): MP3
  4. In the Benjo (0:35): MP3
  5. Autumn Leaves (0:43): MP3

Discussion (41:25): MP3

  1. Ginsberg on Rhino Records Box Set (2:23): MP3
  2. Ginsberg on Teaching (1:08): MP3
  3. Ginsberg on the Tenacity of his Movement (6:15): MP3
  4. Ginberg on Idealism (1:46): MP3
  5. Ginsberg on Poetry's Place in the Modernity (3:36): MP3
  6. Ginsberg on his Prominence Among Poets (0:44): MP3
  7. Corso on his Poetry (1:39): MP3
  8. Corso on his Poetry cont'd (1:12): MP3
  9. Ginsberg on Future Projects (3:23):MP3
  10. Ginsberg on his Work Ethic (1:08): MP3
  11. Ginsberg on Society's Progress (2:26): MP3
  12. Ginsberg on the Small Press Book Fair (1:07): MP3
  13. Corso on Meeting John Wieners (0:54): MP3
  14. Discussion on Quitting Smoking (1:01): MP3
  15. Corso on Reagan (0:14): MP3
  16. Poets Discuss their Plans and Ginsberg Leaves (2:34): MP3
  17. Corso and Others Discuss Charlie Parker, and Seating (2:29): MP3
  18. Corso Greets Somebody (2:16): MP3
  19. Corso and Others Discuss Games, Game Shows (1:41): MP3
  20. Corso on Anubis, the Ankh, and the Ancient Egyptian Language (3:37): MP3

Public Reading, Hudson, April 22, 1994

  1. The Tyger (William Blake) (3:19): MP3
  2. Gospel Noble Truths (3:15): MP3
  3. "Don't Grow Old" (6:21): MP3
  4. Father Death Blues (4:19): MP3
  5. Introduction to Plutonian Ode (3:35): MP3
  6. Plutonian Ode (11:43): MP3
  7. Industrial Waves (introduced as "Industrial Air") (6:21): MP3
  8. Those Two (introduced as "These Two") (0:36): MP3
  9. Maturity (0:15): MP3
  10. Arguments (0:33): MP3
  11. Brown Rice Quatrains (0:45): MP3
  12. Student Love (0:30): MP3
  13. Written in My Dream by William Carlos Williams (1:38): MP3
  14. China Bronchitis (part V of Reading Bai Juyi) (2:19): MP3
  15. "Tho the body's heavy meat's sustained..." (part VI of Reading Bai Juyi) (0:37): MP3
  16. Transformation of Bai's "A Night in Xingyang" (part VII of Reading Bai Juyi) (1:27): MP3
  17. Moral Majority (1:51): MP3
  18. Visiting Father and Friends (3:29): MP3
  19. Sphincter (0:55): MP3
  20. Proclamation (0:25): MP3
  21. Elephant in the Meditation Hall (3:53): MP3
  22. N.S.A. Dope Calypso / Just Say Yes Calypso (interspersed; parts II and III of CIA Dope Calypso) (5:24): MP3
  23. Do the Meditation Rock (4:09): MP3
  24. Hum Bom! (3:38): MP3
  25. After the Big Parade (0:49): MP3
  26. After Lalon (5:31): MP3
  27. Research (2:25): MP3
  28. Put Down Your Cigarette Rag (Don't Smoke) (7:18): MP3
  29. Autumn Leaves (0:51): MP3
  30. American Sentences (4:04): MP3
  31. Nurse's Song (William Blake) (7:38): MP3

Complete recording (1:40:35): MP3

Recorded by Chris Funkhouser.

Discussion with Clemente, Location Unknown, June 12, 1992

Reading with Czeslaw Milosz, Location Unknown, June 12, 1992

  • Complete reading (28:00): MP3

Reading at the We Press/Gargoyle Mechanique Laboratory Benefit, held at Gargoyle Mechanique, NYC, December 1991

Featuring readings by Steven Taylor, Roddy Potter, Wanda Phipps, Andy Clausen, and Chris Funkhouser.

Complete recording (1:58:29): MP3

Recording courtesy of Chris Funkhouser.

Reading of Kissass in Syracuse, NY, 1988 or 1989

Kissass (0:34): MP3

Kissass (0:34): WAV

Dominic DeJoseph, who provided us with this recording, adds this comment: "This is not a public reading. I was attending film school at Ithaca College and I drove up to Syracuse to see Ginsberg perform. I approached him afterwards and ask him to record this poem for me. He did so graciously, and asked only that I get it into the hands of an archive going forward. I recorded him so as to sample the recording for use in a quadrophonic soundscape piece I was creating for my Experimental Music class, which Ginsberg was aware of and supported. That experimental soundscape was created using an early Korg sampling keyboard, and I sampled each word of the poem and played it back polyphonically. I then recorded it to 1/2" tape which was re-edited by cutting and splicing the tape. That original tape has been lost, but I'm in the process of recreating it for my archives."

Reading at The Knitting Factory, NYC, December 4, 1988

As captured in the film Jack Kerouac's "Mexico City Blues", produced by Vivien Bittencourt and Vincent Katz

High quality YouTube mirror: link

For full credits and list of readers, click here

Voices and Visions PBS: William Carlos Williams, 1988

  • On "To Elsie" (1:28): MP3
  • William Carlos Williams Lecture, Buffalo, March 17, 1988

    Complete recording (48:56): MP3

    "Household Affairs," a film by Allen Ginsberg, edited by Steven Taylor, October-November 1987

    More information on "Household Affairs" can be found here and here.

    Miscellaneous interview and reading, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, possibly recorded in Oklahoma, November 1984

    • Side A (47:15): MP3
    • Includes music intro with Steven Taylor, Peter Orlovsky, etc., "Airplane Blues", "Airplane Blues" (alt. take), "Do the Meditation", "Gimme Some", "Little Fish Devours Big Fish", Ginsberg radio interview with Tom Vitale, Ginsberg reading from his notebooks, November 1984, "They’ve invented point data hose", Ginsberg speaking on the composition of "White Shroud" and reading "White Shroud" and excerpts from "Black Shroud"

    • Side B (48:08): MP3
    • Includes interview with Ginsberg on Moloch in "Howl", on punk (and the true meaning of The Dead Kennedys), on basic Buddhist wisdom ("Our vulnerability and our capacity for understanding any situation is a kind of panoramic awareness that is above and beyond selfish ego"), that existence contains suffering, on Gospel Noble Truths, as well as miscellany: Walter Cronkite on TV announces the death of Jack Kerouac, Ginsberg on Kerouac, segment of Kerouac on William Buckley, followed by Ginsberg and Ted Berrigan Q&A with students about gay politics and Woody Guthrie et al.

    Reading "Howl" on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, at Columbia University, NYC, November 14, 1981

    • Side A (31:11): MP3
    • Side B (30:42): MP3

    Recorded live by Ulrik.

    Miscellaneous readings from the Ben Tripp Tapes, c. 1981

    • Side A (32:06): MP3
    • Includes Ginsberg on "The David Letterman Show", where he introduces and sings "Capitol Air", talks with Letterman about involvement with rock, meditation, and upcoming Jack Kerouac celebrations at Naropa, followed by two versions of "September on Jessore Road", c. 1981, as well as Ginsberg singing William Blake’s "My Pretty Rose Tree"

    • Side B (32:41): MP3
    • Includes continuation of Blake sons, Intro - "The Echoing Green", and Ginsberg introducing, reading, and singing the sequence "Father Death Blues"

    Note: Audio not high quality; hum in background of Side B.

    Ted Berrigan and Allen Ginsberg in conversation with students, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, Norman, OK, April 23, 1980

    • Side A (47:48): MP3
    • Side B (47:35): MP3

    Via Allen Ginsberg.

    Reading "Popeye and Blake" with Kenneth Koch at St. Mark's Poetry Project, May 9, 1979

    • Complete recording (8:18): MP3

    Reading in San Francisco, March 1979

    1. Punk Rock Your My Big Crybaby (incomplete) (0:46): MP3
    2. Various Songs (4:10): MP3
    3. Feeding Them Raspberries to Grow (3:27): MP3
    4. A Love Letter (by Sakaki Nanao) (2:37): MP3
    5. Fake Saint (1:44): MP3
    6. On His Father's Death (7:01): MP3
    7. Introduction to Tiger, Tiger (1:51): MP3
    8. Singing Tiger, Tiger (2:16): MP3
    9. Introduction to Plutonium Ode (7:42): MP3
    10. Plutonium Ode (8:56): MP3

    Complete reading (with a few incomplete works) (43:00): MP3

    Concerned Citizens for Cerritos Benefit Reading, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, March 6, 1979

    Reading with Robert Creeley, Peter Orlovsky, and Nanao Sakaki

    1. The Rune (6:47): MP3
    2. Mostly Sitting Haikus (4:19): MP3
    3. Cabin in the Rockies (1:44): MP3
    4. Land of Lakes, Wisconsin (1:22): MP3
    5. Nagasaki Day Peace Protest (2:37): MP3
    6. Blake's "My Pretty Rose Tree" (2:11): MP3
    7. I Lay Love on My Knee (2:19): MP3
    8. Love Replied (1:54): MP3
    9. Love Returned (1:49): MP3
    10. Guru Blues (3:55): MP3
    11. Sickness Blues (5:04): MP3
    12. Punk Rock You're My Big Crybaby (1:03): MP3
    13. I Am Fake Saint (1:42): MP3
    14. From "Don't Grow Old" (1:44): MP3
    15. Father Death Blues (4:06): MP3
    16. From "Don't Grow Old" (1:04): MP3
    17. Blake's "Tiger" (4:26): MP3
    18. Plutonium Ode (17:36): MP3
    • Complete recording (2:12:13): MP3

    Allen Ginsberg, Eugene Brooks, and Carl Soloman reading at The West End Bar, NYC, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, October 15, 1978

    • Side A (46:31): MP3
    • Includes Allen Ginsberg introduction, including Steven Taylor and Andy Smith playing William Blake’s "Tyger", Ginsberg introducing Eugene Brooks, who reads "Pessimistic Poem" and "Consolation Prize", and Carl Soloman, who reads "Workday Ended 1976", "Partisan-y 1945", "The Game. 1975", "More Memories & Random Thoughts, 1948", as well as "Recent pieces": "Veduc", "Observations on Local Dress Customs", "Nostalgia", "Interesting Anecdote (on Alfred Jarry)", and "Dear Mr Hayes", as well as Ginsberg returning to sing and play "Don’t Grow Old", "Manhattan Mayday Midnight" (1978), comment on upcoming CBCG St. Mark’s Benefit, and read "Punk Rock You’re My Big Cry Baby"

    • Side B (49:10): MP3
    • Includes Ginsberg singing Blake’s "My Pretty Rose Tree" (including audible Peter Orlovsky), "After Basho- Ker-plunk", "Haikus of Ordinary Mind", Carl Soloman reading "About Joe Strip" and "A Heart-warming Memoir", Ginsberg’s comments on Soloman’s "totally original thought" and advertisement for upcoming session in recently-established Naropa Institute, and Ginsberg introducing his reading of "Plutonian Ode" with extensive "footnot[ing] of terminologies and numerologies" before reading "Plutonian Ode"

    Reading with Leslie Fiedler, Irving Layton, Allen DeLoach, and Peter Orlovsky, Allentown Community Center, Buffalo, N.Y., October 6, 1978

    1. Leslie Fiedler talks and reads a 1947 poem, "No Ghost Is True" (from Thou Shalt Truly Die), his first publication of any kind, in Poetry Magazine (text) and "Song for Buffalo" and "To Chookie" (13:26): MP3
    2. Irving Layton (24:12): MP3
    3. Allen Ginsberg (15:41): MP3
    4. Introduction (00:55): MP3
      Don't Grow Old (8:19): MP3
      [excerpt from above, just "Father Death Blues" (3:08): MP3]
      "Don't Grow Old" (5:04): MP3
      Punk Rock Your My Big Crybaby (1:01): MP3

    5. Allen DeLoach (15:46): MP3
    6. Irving Layton, Second Reading (19:43): MP3
    7. Allen Ginsberg with Peter Orlovsky: Blake's "The Tyger" (3:30): MP3
    8. Ginsberg, "Plutonian Ode" (13:59): MP3

    Complete recording (1:47:41): MP3

    Reading on Stonewall Nation, WBFO-FM, October 6, 1978

    With Peter Orlovsky, Alex Van Oss, and Al Hershberger

    1. Introduction (5:21): MP3
    2. On being closeted (2:09): MP3
    3. Excerpts from "Don't Grow Old" (2:32): MP3
    4. On coming out to his family (3:01): MP3
    5. On desire and compassion (1:41): MP3
    6. On the Briggs amendment (8:54): MP3
    7. On the Beats and nature (3:24): MP3
    8. On Rocky Flats (2:19): MP3
    9. Ginsberg sings "Everybody Sing" (2:37): MP3
    • Complete recording (31:56): MP3

    This recording is part of the Creeley Tape Collection.

    Reading in the Kiva Room, SUNY Buffalo, October 5, 1978

    1. Blake's "My Pretty Rose Tree" (1:44): MP3
    2. Poems on Silent Meditation (2:42): MP3
    3. Gospel Noble Truths (4:52): MP3
    4. Don't Grow Old (7:31): MP3
    5. Father Death Blues (2:53): MP3
    6. Don't Grow Old cont. (1:16): MP3
    7. Drive All Blames Into One (1:18): MP3
    8. From "The Contest of Bards" (5:27): MP3
    9. I Lay Love on My Knee (3:34): MP3
    10. Lack Love (1:19): MP3
    11. Punk Rock You're My Big Crybaby (1:02): MP3
    12. What's Dead? (2:07): MP3
    13. Father Guru (0:35): MP3
    14. Manhattan Mayday Midnight (2:37): MP3
    15. Plutonium Ode (15:56): MP3
    • Complete reading (55:56): MP3

    This recording is part of the Creeley Tape Collection.

    Reading at St. Mark's Poetry Project, 1977

    1. Uluru, or Ayers Rock (2:08): MP3
    2. Christmas Gift (0:54): MP3
    3. Returning to the Country for a Brief Visit (0:44): MP3
    4. I Don't Know who's Hoarding all this Rare Work (MP3
    5. You Live Apart on Rivers and Seas (0:36): MP3
    6. Cabin in the Rockies (1:33): MP3
    7. November 5th, 1975 (0:54): MP3
    8. News for Rolling Thunder Troop (0:57): MP3
    9. Don't Grow Old [Part 1] (3:17): MP3
    10. A Dream (1:36): MP3
    11. Don't Grow Old [Part 2] (3:02): MP3
    12. Land O'Lakes, Wisconsin: Vajrayana Seminary (0:52): MP3
    13. For Creeley's Ear (0:19): MP3
    14. Hearing "Lenore" Read Aloud at 203 Amity Street (1:35): MP3
    15. Contest of Bards (12:31): MP3
    16. I Nursed Love where He Lay (2:22): MP3

    Complete recording (35:44): MP3

    Interview with Studs Terkel, WFMT Studios, November 29, 1976

    Complete recording (55:53): MP3

    Courtesy of George Drury.

    Reading and Mantra Singing at Buffalo State College, December 2, 1975

    1. A Found Object (1:24): MP3
    2. Bay Area (10:25): MP3
    3. To Dallas Airport (12:46): MP3
    4. Returning to the Country (2:36): MP3
    5. Night Gleam (1:15): MP3
    6. Thus Crosslegged On Round Pillow Sat in Teton Space (11:41): MP3
    7. Sweet Boy, Gimme Yer Ass (2:13): MP3
    8. Ah Mantra (9:32): MP3
    9. Guru Blues (6:10): MP3
    10. Sickness Blues (8:06): MP3
    11. Come All Ye Brave Boys (4:50): MP3
    12. To The Dead (3:23): MP3
    13. Ego Confession (3:43): MP3
    14. Written on Hotel Napkin (2:34): MP3
    15. Hadda Be Playin' On The Jukebox (4:58): MP3
    16. In the Realm of Great Bliss (1:54): MP3
    17. Cabin in the Rockies (1:22): MP3
    • Complete recording (1:33:53): MP3

    Reading at Norton Union, University of Buffalo, c. 1974

    On Reading Dylan's Writings in "First Blues: Rags, Ballads & Harmonium Songs 1971-74" (1:16): MP3

    Courtesy of George Drury.

    Reading with Ishmael Reed at the Coolidge Auditorium, Library of Congress, April 29, 1974

    Full Recording: External Link

    Live at St. Mark’s N.Y.C., published 1976 by S-Press as tape #48/49, Recorded by Michael Köhler, New York, March 13, 1974

    Written versions in: First Blues (1975) and Fall Of America (1974)

    • Complete recording (41:23): MP3
    • Contains: Introduction-Mantra; Flying to Fiji; Siratoka Beach Croon; Bus Ride Ballad Road to Suva; Returning to the Country for a Brief Visit; Thus Crosslegged on Round Pillow Sat; Flying Elegy; D.C. Mobiliziation; Stay Away From the White House; On Reading Dylan’s Writings; Jahwe and Allah Battle

    Reading at National Poetry Festival, June 14-24, 1973

    Objectivists and After

    Written for "Ten for Two: The John Sinclair Freedom Rally," Crisler Arena, Ann Arbor, MI, December 10, 1971

    Written for the event. This recording was issued on a 45 vinyl in 1971.

    • Reading "Prayer for John Sinclair" with Peter Orlovsky (3:24): MP3

    Reading at The Intersection for the Arts, San Francisco, August, 1971

    1. Stanzas Written at Night in Radio City (3:15): MP3
    2. Gary Snyder Reading Poesy at Princeton (2:09): MP3
    3. Eclogue (18:10): MP3
    4. Guru Om (4:44): MP3
    5. Have You Seen This Movie? (6:19): MP3
    6. Two Haikus (Milarepa Taste) (0:27): MP3
    7. Hum Bom! (very early version) (1:19): MP3
    8. Nothing Personal (1:16): MP3
    9. Sierras Hermitage (1:02): MP3
    10. Bixby Canyon Ocean Path Word Breeze (7:03): MP3
    11. At the Capri (1:34): MP3
    12. An Open Window on Chicago (4:27): MP3
    13. Elegy for Neal Cassady (5:33): MP3
    14. Autumn Gold: New England Fall (7:03): MP3
    15. Opium Peddling (published minus first line as "Over Laramie") (1:38): MP3
    16. Howl (excerpt) (10:06): MP3

    Recordings courtesy of Robert Creeley.

    Ginsberg singing William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience, NYC, December 15, 1969

    Link here.

    See also: PoemTalk Podcast #4 on Ginsberg's "The Garden of Love": MP3

    Richard Moore USA: Poetry Documentary with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, 1966

    Reading at Mad Mammoth Monster Poetry Readings, 1963

    Reading Early Poems, Location Unknown, 1963

    • Complete recording (14:24): MP3

    Reading at the Vancouver Conference, July 31, 1963

    1. Early Poems (5:07): MP3
    2. Marijuana Notation (1:03): MP3
    3. The Brick Layers' Lunch Hour (1:30): MP3
    4. How Come He Got Canned at the Ribbon Factory (2:25): MP3
    5. Discussion of How Come He Got Canned at the Ribbon Factory (3:25): MP3
    6. The Archetype Poem (1:56): MP3
    7. Finally (0:43): MP3
    8. My Alba (1:10): MP3
    9. The Green Automobile (6:46): MP3
    10. Love Poem on a Theme by Whitman (1:52): MP3
    11. Song (2:44): MP3
    12. Fragment 1956 (2:28): MP3
    13. Howl (excerpt) (1:53): MP3
    14. Transcription of Organ Music (5:01): MP3
    15. Sunflower Sutra (5:28): MP3
    16. In the Baggage Room at Greyhound (5:33): MP3
    17. A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley (1:23): MP3
    18. Psalm III (1:12): MP3
    19. Tears (0:43): MP3
    20. Back on Times Square, Dreaming of Times Square (1:46): MP3
    21. My Sad Self (3:23): MP3
    22. To an Old Poet in Peru (3:51): MP3
    23. Kaddish (excerpt) (16:45): MP3

    Complete reading (1:19:48): MP3

    Reading "Sunflower Sutra," from a Jonas Mekas film, 1960

    Complete recording (2:42): MP3

    Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso at Harvard, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, 1959

    • Part 1, Side A (30:41): MP3
    • Part 1, Side B (34:07): MP3
    • Part 2, Side A (30:45): MP3
    • Part 2, Side B (13:10): MP3
    • Part 3, Side A (27:44): MP3
    • Part 3, Side B (31:46): MP3

    Note: Part 1, Side B ends mid-sentence.

    Reading Recent Poems at Robert Creeley's Home, likely 1959

    1. Back on Times Square, Dreaming of Times Square (1:12): MP3
    2. Laughing Gas, part I (4:39): MP3
    3. My Sad Self (for Frank O'Hara) (3:03): MP3
    4. To Aunt Rose (2:41): MP3
    5. Kaddish, part I (10:23): MP3
    6. Kaddish, part III (1:46): MP3
    7. Kaddish, part IV (3:25): MP3
    8. Kaddish, part V (1:03): MP3

    Complete recording (28:12): MP3

    Reading at the Poetry Center, San Francisco State University, February 27, 1959

    1. Poem Rocket (4:25): MP3
    2. Message from Paris (0:44): MP3
    3. Squeal (1:21): MP3
    4. Wrote This Last Night (1:06): MP3
    5. The Lion for Real (4:14): MP3
    6. To Aunt Rose (2:27): MP3
    7. Ignu (6:50): MP3
    8. To Lindsay (0:41): MP3
    9. Kaddish (16:25): MP3

    Complete reading (38:55): MP3

    Big Table Chicago Reading, 1959

    1. Howl (20:06): MP3
    2. Sunflower Sutra (4:31): MP3
    3. Footnote to Howl (2:47): MP3
    4. A Supermarket in California (2:15): MP3
    5. Transcription of Organ Music (3:55): MP3
    6. America (4:41): MP3
    7. In Back of the Real (0:49): MP3
    8. A Strange New Cottage in Berkeley (0:46): MP3
    9. Europe! Europe! (3:14): MP3
    10. Kaddish, part 1 (9:50): MP3

    Complete recording (53:20): MP3

    Transcript on The Allen Ginsberg Project:

    Interview With Studs Terkel, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso, and Peter Orlovsky on WFMT 1959

    Photo of Studs Terkel with Gregory Corso, Allen Ginsberg and Peter Orlovsky,WFMT radio studio, Chicago, 1959

    KPFA Pacifica Studio Recording, October 25, 1956

    1. A Supermarket in California (2:21): MP3 [text-audio alignment]
    2. In back of the real (0:44): MP3
    3. Introduction to Howl (2:43): MP3
    4. Howl I, II, III (18:27): MP3
    1. Howl I (12:36): MP3
    2. Howl II (3:30): MP3
    3. Howl III ( 2:21): MP3

    Complete recording (24:41): MP3

    Recordings by Allen Ginsberg from the Reed College archives, 1956

    Howl Part I (edited): link

    Complete recording (unedited): link

    Reading with Gregory Corso, Date and Location Unknown

    • Complete reading (48:16): MP3

    Reading of Various Works, Date and Location Unknown

    1. Wales Visitation (11:32): MP3
    2. Wichita Vortex Sutra (28:00): MP3

    Allen Ginsberg reading "Kaddish", from Atlantic Records LP recording, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, Date and Location Unknown

    • Side A (35:23): MP3
    • Side B (31:47): MP3

    Tape provided by John Fisk.

    Optic Nerve Videos, various dates

    • Howl (4:48): link
    • Kaddish (6:21): link
    • Die When You Die (11:50): link
    • Howl (Knitting Factory) (25:10): link
    • Kaddish (Knitting Factory) (53:40): link
    • Don't Grow Old (Knitting Factory) (13:04): link
    • Father Death (4:50): link
    • After Lalon (Albert Hall) (4:44): link
    • Ballad of the Skeletons with Paul McCartney (8:35): link

    Also Of Interest:

    • Allen Ginsberg and Margaret Mead discuss the origin of the term "Beat": MP3
    • In Conversation with Robert Creeley, Buffalo, October 1978 (1:53:29): MP3
    • Recording from the Ben Tripp Tapes, 1972 and 1989
    • Side A (31:51): MP3
      Side B (31:55): MP3
      Includes reading from The Duplications, recorded at St. Mark's, 1972, as well as "On the Edge", "A Serious Moment", "First Trip to China", "Romance", "Getting Back on Land", "Alive for an Instant", "Today", and "The Divine Conversations", in addition to "Popeye and William Blake", a collaboration with Allen Ginsberg at St. Mark's in 1989
    • Rose Pettet - Allen Ginsberg Memorial, from the Ben Tripp Tapes, at St. Mark’s Church, April 1997
      Side A (10:53): MP3
      Side B (11:01): MP3

    For Other Allen Ginsberg Recordings and Information:

    Allen Ginsberg on PennSound Daily

    These sound recordings are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights to this recorded material belong to the author's estate. Used with the permission of the Allen Ginsberg Trust. © 2008 Estate of Allen Ginsberg. Distributed by PennSound.