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Louis Cabri

Reading at The Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, 2008

Positions Colloquium August 21, 2008 (23:30): MP3

Reading at The Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, 2007

Reading on November 2, 2007 (1:14:58): MP3

Reading at SUNY-Buffalo, February 27, 2003

  1. Introduction by Gregg Biglieri (6:32): MP3
  2. Clone jacking (1:53): MP3 (from The Mood Embosser, Coach House, 2001)
  3. Disposed (4:30): MP3 (from The Mood Embosser)
  4. Please Do Not Feed the Psyche (3:01): MP3 (These poems were first printed on large-format sheets of paper and displayed as part of the exhibition, "United Bank," a window installation by seven artists in a former United Bank building, Philadelphia, 4 Oct. - 2 Dec., 2002, organized by the Slought Foundation.)
  5. Cornius Flakius (7:08): MP3 (from The Mood Embosser)
  6. Salon, salon (11:56): MP3 (from Kiosk 2, Buffalo: 2003)

Reading with Mike Magee at Kelly Writers House, November 12, 2001

  1. Index (1:12): MP3
  2. The Importance of Being (8:40): MP3
  3. Corneus Flakius (19:26): MP3
  4. Coin Opera (0:21): MP3

Complete Recording (1:09:58): MP3

Reading at The Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, 2001

Talk on October 25, 2001 (37:56): MP3

"Liberalism Equals the Gulag": Negation and Equivalency in Bruce Andrews' I Don't Have Any Papers So Shut Up (or, Social Romanticism) October 27, 2001 (1:00:41): MP3

Reading at The Kootenay School of Writing, Vancouver, 1999

Reading at The Kootenay School on October 26, 1999 (36:37): MP3

LIVE at the Writers House, Episode 5, October 11, 1997

  1. Excerpt from Disposed (2:05): MP3
  2. Excerpt (0:46): MP3
  3. Untitled (1:03): MP3

Live Netcast (Audiocast) Reading

Hosted by Kelly Writers House, August 21, 1997

Reading for the Segue Series at the Ear Inn, New York, March 30, 1990

  • complete recording (6:12): MP3

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  • Segue Reading at the Bowery Poetry Club
  • Text of Water proof (from Combo, a journal of poetry and poetics, edited by Michael Magee and published in association with Kelly Writers House)

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